The marketing concept of digital domain for campaign

people with the impression of communication and good feeling 80% are from the first meeting of the external image, giving people a good impression and impressive image, can get along with a lot of points. The domain name is the enterprise website on the Internet and the image of enterprise and website to coat, so how to choose a good domain name to correct the performance of the corporate image? Choose a good domain name to how to carry out effective marketing domain name? That is the marketing of the domain name, the parties through propaganda and reflect the value of the domain name. The campaign for the domain name and enterprise.

recently launched 769 ylmf enable digital domain name of Dongguan local portal, ylmf enabled this simple good memory digital domain to take a conservative strategy, but he was in the "conservative" on the basis of "change", implement the marketing tactics of the domain name domain name. Although the website is still under construction, but has been in the marketing domain for the use of the Internet public opinion, to attract public attention to the domain name, the domain name "famous", "let no its people first heard the name", achieve a attract public attention effect.

good domain name value will be reflected from the marketing domain name, of course, there will be taking advantage of publicity. The rain forest from the digital domain name for a marketing point of view, the domain name will be beneficial to the right kind of marketing to build brand name, domain name strategy layout of the place is more favorable product promotion enterprises, other enterprises and websites to learn for domain name first marketing idea, let domain attention campaign website and enterprise, increase enterprise brand exposure rate.

ylmf understand digital domain value, the publicity and the layout of the digital domain domain name launched marketing strategy product a lot, such as a large amount of money to buy for domain name, the domain name system for China renamed commissioned a total cost of 1 million 800 thousand purchased, when in such a high turnover domain immediately attracted much media attention, regardless of whether the domain name to be used in the wind under which the new development domain, promotion and publicity is very successful. After the opening of the new domain independent search for polymerization of, the new site will be launched by the domain name to get attention, the marketing effect is very ideal.

digital domain because of its good memory and easy to conduct propaganda and promotion, is favored for nature. Suppose there’s more than one site is the main type of digital domain, so before ylmf flagship cloud storage project, the domain name of the purchase price has reached the level of one million yuan. As well as the recent opening of the new domain name and 769.Com are rare digital domain catchy, visible to the digital domain especially ylmf.

ylmf is currently on hand hold,,, and other digital domain, but also not only meet in the digital domain, the domain name is also one of the key collection for short domain types, such as the wind >

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