WAL-MART in the United States to implement two days of free delivery and Amazon has a smell of gunpo

yesterday, WAL-MART said it would open to all consumers in the United States two days of free delivery service, which is WAL-MART in this service once again expand. Before, in order to compete for the annual fee of $99 Amazon Gold members, WAL-MART launched an annual fee of $49 project. So far, WAL-MART is only allowed some customers to register, but did not disclose the specific number of customers.

Fernando Madeira is responsible for the operation of the Department of American WAL-MART website, he announced in a WAL-MART said the extended action of the blog: "the price of ShippingPass is only half of other similar services, take out to compete with Amazon’s Prime.

‘s move shows that WAL-MART believes that measures taken to improve the company’s ability to perform, but also has done a positive competition with Amazon Prime ready to compete for the growing share of online retail. In response to sluggish sales growth in the United States, WAL-MART has increased its own e-commerce operations, and invested $2 billion in the business.

‘s chairman, AlixPartners, said: "WAL-MART has come to realize that they can’t escape the reality, just like an ostrich". The free delivery service is "the default they can no longer afford to ignore the fact that Amazon and other similar businesses have raised the standards of consumers’ minds."

American consumers are increasingly looking like Prime delivery speed, but this rapid delivery requires expensive cost, because of the need to spend heavily invested in warehouse, transportation and inventory management techniques, so that retailers profit space will be limited.

research shows that consumers are willing to spend time waiting for the delivery of the package is less and less, and at the same time their demand for free shipping is growing. AlixPartners conducted a survey of more than one thousand consumers in the United States this month, and found that online shoppers had an average delivery time of about 4.8 days, compared with an average of about 5.5 days in 2012. Which can accept the delivery period of 5 days or more of the proportion of consumers in the past four years from 2012 to the current 74% down to the current level of 60%.

WAL-MART’s move is a deliberate decision made after. Last year, WAL-MART began to try to implement a number of members of the three day delivery service, as long as members pay the corresponding annual fee can participate in the project named ShippingPass. May this year, WAL-MART will shorten the delivery time to two days, followed by the project will be extended to the country on Wednesday. Prior to this, WAL-MART has done all the preparation, it will turn to the United States online shopping seven more warehouse inventory, and regional operators with some smaller partnerships to deliver more packets.

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