Micro business is the inevitable outcome of the development of mobile e-commerce

these days, I have been looking at some of the articles on the micro business, found that the micro business was accused of poor. To tell the truth, I also hate those micro business every day to send advertising, see to pull black. If in the past, you ask me derivative in the end there is no hope, I will answer you. However, there is no hope that the micro business


previously, Shao Lianhu blog often see some of the articles about micro business, I am not optimistic. Why, because I do not dare to buy WeChat shopping, it is not like Taobao, the goods received a confirmation receipt. And WeChat, I often hear some of the things WeChat shopping cheated, so, at least there is no payment security, micro business also sell a ball.

a few days ago, my wife told me about taking micro things before his circle of friends a lot of people are selling mask, are now selling dry cargo, walnuts, nuts etc.. She made me this money, I have a negative, no, almost all of the lies. It seems that micro business in my mind is already a bad man, people hate.

before, in order to make my WeChat friends more, I met my friends who I add him as a friend. Slowly, with more than and 300 friends. However, a lot of people’s circle of friends is always released products, but also a few hair. WeChat, just when I have nothing to look at interesting things, but these annoying ads to annoy. Since then, no matter who, as long as the release of the product to see black.

do not know why, the past few days on the micro article too much, do not want to see every day is also able to see a few, and I will read the contents of the article in the end is what to write. The main content of the article is to introduce the model and some successful cases. When you see the comments, I really want to faint, you scold, he scolded, if I am the author I feel I have no place to hide.

Why do we hear a

derivative so hate? It is because the advertising, or because it is like MLM model, or who do derivative deceive you? Although Shao Lianhu is not a good micro blog, but I also didn’t scold others. People say good and bad, we just can not agree with the identity, and there is no need to scold others ah. See people are hard to scold, I published my own comments, micro business is not yet mature.

these days, I also read many articles about the micro aspects of the business, will no longer see those bragging articles, but the real business of the micro analysis of dry cargo. For the micro business, we first do not scold, first listen to Shao Lianhu to give you said that under the new view of the micro business, and then not too late to read, OK?

analysis of the reasons for the annoying

why do we hear the micro business is very disgusted with it, in fact, one of the most important reason is that advertising. WeChat circle of friends is why, of course, is the place of communication between friends, since we are friends, chat is life and feelings.


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