China’s online shopping power of the world’s first consumer pull 60% GDP

each reporter Zhang Wen

this year, the Chinese people on the Internet to buy 4 trillion yuan of goods, ranking first in the world. In fact, the "three carriages" in the consumer power is still strong. Ministry of commerce data show that in 2015 the annual total retail sales of social consumer goods is expected to reach 30 trillion yuan, ranking the world’s top second, the contribution of consumption to economic growth of nearly 60%.

NBS spokesman Sheng Yun said, "from the demand structure of investment and export led to the changes in the coordinated combination of consumption, investment and exports, the contribution of consumption to economic growth rate has significantly increased."

actually from last year, the contribution of consumption to the economy has reached 60%." China CCPIT Research Institute researcher Zhao Ping told the "daily economic news" reporter, "to maintain such a high in 60% to continue this year, so the consumption to economic contribution rate in the first three carriages".

consumption pull 60% GDP

Ministry of commerce data show that this year’s contribution to economic growth of nearly 60%. The layout of the reform of the commercial system, the reform of the circulation system, will further stimulate the consumption of the carriage to stimulate economic growth horsepower".

this year, the Ministry of Commerce to carry out the comprehensive development of domestic circulation system reform pilot, select a pilot project in Shanghai, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu 9 City, will be in one year, a group of replicated experience and pattern formation in the development of circulation innovation promotion mechanism, market regulation, system development model, infrastructure management system etc..

recently, the pilot reform program has been issued in the pilot city, taking Shanghai as an example, in the reform to establish a market decision, promising government, social collaboration "three-in-one modern circulation mode of governance, and the construction of regional market integration, innovation and development of circulation standardization pilot demonstration area, circulation and circulation of public service platform the credit information service platform, market supervision platform of six key tasks as a pilot work.

by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in charge of commercial system reform, is expected to further emancipate the main body of the market, to provide a more relaxed market environment. Statistics show that as of the end of November, the national registration of new market players 13 million 215 thousand, year-on-year growth of 14.1%, in the newly established enterprises, the third industry accounted for 80.7%, 2 percentage points higher than in 2014.

Zhang Mao, director general of the State Administration of industry and Commerce

believes that in 2016 to further deepen the reform of the commercial system, will release the potential of consumption stimulating economic growth.

Zhao Ping told the "daily economic news" reporter, "the Chinese facing downward pressure on economic growth, foster new economic growth point is the steady growth of the way, and the consumer demand is undoubtedly one of the important part; on the other hand, from the point of view of market demand, consumer demand is the final demand of the market. No matter what the investment, import, or ultimately, have to have consumer demand as a guarantee, this

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