Tea business tour of Huangshi Xi once the country tea ceremony why today is forgotten


if you don’t find tea in Huangshi Creek

Huangshi Creek green tea, I believe that few people have heard the name of this green tea, I was engaged in tea related work before they heard from the mouth of the name. After the Internet Baidu, only to understand the Huangshi Creek green tea was so famous.

1915 Panama International Food Fair won the gold medal

since 1958 the Ministry of foreign affairs ordered 500 kilograms per year as a gift tea

was so famous, why are we forgotten today? Today we drove to Huangshi Creek, hoping to find the answer.

Huangshi Xi Green Tea, produced in the Huangshi mountain village of Tiantai Buddhist resort of Mount Jiuhua (been to Mount Jiuhua rooftop users have not thought about what place is Tiantai Mountain, is the village of Huangshi).


came to the village of Huangshi, just came to a very quiet, like the land of idyllic beauty, the hustle and bustle of the city and not noisy.


No pollution here hundreds of miles

, fertile soil, mild climate, abundant rainfall, long frost free period (210–240 days), and the spring and autumn rainy, foggy, very suitable for the growth of tea.


good mountain water can be a good tea, it is the unique climate of Huangshi Creek environment, so that the Huangshi Creek tea can be won at the World Expo, and the state procurement as a national ceremony tea to foreign friends.

come before a friend to contact us farmers on the Huangshi River, the name of the farmers is very personality, called "steering wheel" steering wheel, uncle was born in 70s, is a native of Huangshi Creek, master tea has more than 20 years, the family has more than and 20 acres of tea plantations.

When we

the past, tea party master lover is in the tea garden.


we are about 11 points or so, the master took us to visit his tea garden, after lunch at noon, the master gave us a demonstration of the authentic scene of Huangshi green tea production process.


I: "how many people are there in your village in Huangshi?"

steering wheel: "there are more than and 100!"

me: "do you have tea at home?"

steering wheel: basically yes."


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