Analysis of local real estate network network market



website at the beginning of the operation must be carried out market analysis to the local Internet network, after the master site of the target population for reasonable positioning, feasibility analysis of the site later, sustainable development is particularly important to clear the site route. Of course, this is simply for the Internet industry, and sometimes need to combine a comprehensive analysis of the local market, so that the data collation is more valuable, but also with the contrast. With the rapid rise and development of network, more and more enterprises gradually increase and attach importance to the network market, effective promotion and sales of products through the Internet, the real estate website is beyond count, of course more real estate website is local restrictions, because it has the pertinence, validity. Narrow the scope of the network market, more convenient in the marketing process, more effective. So how to analyze the market environment of the real estate network? The following "Liaoyuan real estate network" for the specific analysis of the case.

1, "real estate" and "real estate network" search trends analysis (National):


through the Baidu index tool, to examine the keywords of "real estate" and "real estate" search trend, at present, the average real estate search index is 2059, the average real estate network search index is 3249, thus the real estate industry in the Internet users attention and media attention in the minority, the audience more. And now the trend is relatively stable, the development is immeasurable.

2, index keyword trends:



from related trend can fully explain the recent search target industry trends, to grasp the weekly, monthly and quarterly show rising trend of keywords and lifting percentage, good data statistics and analysis in each stage, can make full use of them, analysis the change trend of the objective and subjective reasons is very important, of course, want to do more fine, need to fully understand and in-depth understanding of the industry. From the real estate network and real estate search related trends, the overall situation is cyclical fluctuations, changes in the trend do not understand, the market outlook is immeasurable.

3, "real estate" and "real estate" search trends analysis (Jilin and Liaoyuan):


according to the user search behavior, often many users will inspect the real estate industry in Jilin Province, so in the analysis of the network market should be fully considered, and do more comprehensive. Through the Baidu index to find trends in Jilin province are relatively stable, user attention is not great, the reflection is not competitive, but don’t give up the trend of late, bait ideas we cannot fall.



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