On the confusion of the Yangtze River Younuo enterprise website construction market

enterprise website construction market confusion is our consensus. Two days before the visitors to participate in treasure wecoo network training, also pointed out that the current site construction company’s dilemma: fierce competition, low price, new customers are hard to find, difficult return to. Wait。 Today, read the "Kingdom Yang: enterprise website construction market will continue to chaos," the article, agree with the point of view, there are some different ideas. The main phenomenon is the price war in the market. This is indeed a problem, but also a headache for the majority of the establishment of the company, on the one hand afraid of price war, on the one hand in order to pull the business had to carry out a price war.

VS of the Yangtze River Long company three creative technology had encountered such a special case: the boss has long provided the Yangtze River VS identification scheme, the second day is called, said there are problems, because happen to a company, a half of the long march is the price VS of the Yangtze river… The Yangtze River VS long march with an industry to talk about the matter, he also encountered the same thing. Then the final result is: the Yangtze River VS long march for customers to get the price list, but the industry refused to cut prices, the user is still negotiating with him, I hope he do.

What are the two cases of

‘s personal encounter?.

so, what is the reason for the confusion in the Internet market?

On the surface of

, the technical threshold of the website construction market is low, the reason is that the development of domestic information is lagging behind.

said that behind, there are two reasons:

1 on the one hand, the site construction company behind:

no, from 2000, 2002 after the dynamic website, basically can get used to it. And many new technologies, because of the cost of development and other reasons, the site is not willing to use the company. You want to, the user only look at the interface and function, not how he is to achieve, why do you want to give him the WEB standard, using RSS do WEB standard do stand trouble.

practitioners uneven quality. Take the art design, there are Cobain professional origin, there are Banluxiuhang, there is technology and design. The group of college students mentioned in this article is a big part of it.

on the other hand, the idea of enterprise information lag:

does not understand the site in the end what is the use, just do a website. Basically finished the site is to spend money to advertise, do not know what the site itself to do. Also do not know how to assign to the staff to do what work.

business owners can not distinguish between the various web technology is good or bad, so only with the appearance of the program, the price of these dominant things to assess.

enterprise website construction technology threshold is too low, too rampant. What’s more, the current domestic enterprise website construction program language is mainly ASP and PHP, the technical threshold is almost 0." Kingdom >

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