The choice of independent shop system need to be cautious trapdoor part template

Tang is a computer accessories vendors, at the beginning of 2009, due to the impact of the economic crisis, many before his from here take the goods wholesaler or switch, or reduce the size, resulting in a large number of Mr. Tang’s unsold inventory, cash flow is not a small difficulty. In an employee’s suggestion, Mr. Tang finally decided to carry out online sales, expecting as was the Jingdong mall as a crisis, will be transformed into a lucky chance.

independent shop is relatively easy to build, download a free shop software, buy domain names and space, the artist will be recruited to repair the product and upload…… In the choice of shop template, Mr. Tang in imitation of a Jingdong store template style has a special liking, although the template need hundreds of yuan price, Mr. Tang hesitate to buy it. "On the one hand I believe they can do well, after all they see is one of the best publicity in independent shop; on the other hand, their template is designed by taking professional design templates, think their service should be good." But then, Mr Tang found that things were not as they had imagined.

"in the process of using, we found some problems such as customer service, want to add a mail subscription function, give each other feedback, their mouth or phenanthrene development costs, in the last resort, we invited designers, but was told that this program does not support two times development." Originally wanted to buy a good template to a big, did not expect that now has become the development of the business block, which makes quite a headache for Mr tang.

compared with Mr. Tang’s experience, V5shop customers is lucky, the reporter saw a post in the forum, it is proposed to the user demand mall template imitation Jingdong, here is the official V5shop development schedule and feedback functions of the notice, the entire development process template is very interactive, so that the final out of the in order to meet the needs of users style template.

"operation method of the enterprise itself is a difference," said customer satisfaction V5shop, the official said, "some independent shop provider in order to win more customers and seek more benefits, the specialized foreign team introduced in the template design, by their design, sales by platform providers. In order to make the template to sell better, some of the design team will be some new ideas, some teams will go to the domestic first-class template shop style, such as Jingdong, where customers, such as red children, and then re sold to the network. They are more knowledgeable in the design, sales of network but do not know much, therefore, in the development of the template, are full of plagiarism, did not consider too many factors of marketing, which caused the situation of Mr. tang. What is more, the individual team due to lack of technical ability, even give hackers left a "trapdoor", the consequences will be more serious."

reporter learned that, V5shop shop system template design is currently completed by the company’s internal staff, most of the current free of charge

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