The future of e-commerce is B2C or C2C


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moved to the United States, compared to the results of eBay and Amazon, eBay basically down the road, while Amazon is the limelight. EBay and Amazon are typical representatives of C2C and B2C, it can be said that the competition between the two is a typical e-commerce model. Look around the electronic commerce around the United States can be found, there are a lot of companies such as Amazon, although the size is less than Amazon, but is booming, while the eBay family was more miserable. In addition, from the U.S. e-commerce market share distribution can be found, B2C shopping share is far more than C2C.

C2C there are a lot of difficult to reconcile the inherent defects, such as fake issues, credit hype and so on. C2C business is the main body of individuals or small and medium enterprises, the small business of these businesses to the development of C2C has brought a lot of congenital defects.

surface, C2C has a greater price advantage, but in fact, C2C price is not less than B2C. On the one hand, B2C B as a channel, manufacturers in terms of bargaining have more right to speak, to get the price than the C2C C were much lower; on the other hand, B2C as a channel directly to the manufacturers and consumers in series with the decrease of many intermediate links and commodity costs, and because of the scale effect, there will be a larger advantage of cost allocation. Of course, it may be said that the current commodity prices on the C2C platform can be lower than B2C. Well, the reason is very simple, either fake or imitation goods, or informal channels.

compared with C2C, B2C in addition to the price advantage, but also provide better pre-sales and after-sales service, product quality can also be better protected. From the consumer’s point of view, B2C closer to the needs of consumers, especially with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the quality of goods and services will be increasingly demanding. The future of e-commerce development in B2C, rather than C2C. Discussion: the future of e-commerce in B2C rather than C2C?

shopping web comments: I think the development of electronic commerce to the brand, scale, the main force of the future is destined to be B2C, but given the huge C2C e-commerce market, lower the threshold, the future of e-commerce based on B2C C2C secondary development of the situation, but the B2C includes a

Taobao mall!

C2C and China grimoire comments: the situation is inseparable, e-commerce phenomenon has Chinese characteristics, but B2C is the trend of globalization, don’t you see the world giant UNIQLO into Taobao