WeChat electricity supplier in the final analysis is the mobility of the electricity supplier

face the tide of mobile Internet, traditional electricity providers such as Taobao, Jingdong and other needs to accelerate the transformation from the PC to the mobile terminal. WeChat electric on the contrary, it needs air plant from mobile provider purely to more heavy PC side, so as to easily win the trust of users, so as to better serve users.


double eleven has been in the past week, the final outcome of the war between the electricity supplier platform, is still a big Tmall, Jingdong ranked second, Suning Dangdang and other platforms melee situation. This year, the WeChat business platform is not far behind, although part of the electricity supplier carnival, but not the color, completely reduced to the role of the prince with reading.

why WeChat electricity supplier failed to color?

actually such a result is not too surprising.

Due to the progress of

Twitter Life, micro shopping official nature is too slow, the Tencent and the Jingdong after the cooperation and the exchange flow entrance to Jingdong, WeChat business platform Tencent official in a basic state of embarrassment. Tencent’s attitude towards the third party platform has also changed, gradually changed from the original denial of the current acquiescence and support. But too many platforms scattered the overall strength, can not form a joint force. WeChat’s privacy led to its own relatively closed loop, although the Tencent to the entrance, but the flow of imported jd.com, rather than micro shop platform. WeChat business platform for the lack of centralized traffic entrance, become a problem restricting the development of the electricity supplier WeChat.

In addition to

, WeChat electricity supplier to view product information is not comprehensive, not for the entire network of goods can be compared, consumer choice is too small, not easy to generate trust in WeChat is the electricity supplier, electricity supplier WeChat failed to color the double eleven.

other electricity providers moving side of the successful revelation

out of the judgment of the trend of the mobile Internet, it can be considered out of vigilance for WeChat, Ali began to vigorously promote the phone from last year Taobao. Last year, the proportion of double eleven wireless terminal single is 21%, and this figure doubled this year to reach $42%, indicating Ali’s mobile phone Taobao promotion strategy has achieved some success.

beautiful and mogujie.com in this year’s double eleven have achieved good results. Beautiful said the total turnover of 28 hours exceeded 570 million, mobile client orders accounted for 80.4%. The total turnover of eleven double mogujie.com promotion of the first two days of more than 337 million, the proportion of mobile terminal turnover also reached more than 75%.

but it should be noted that these users by the end of a single mobile, not necessarily directly with the phone to browse the goods orders. And WeChat electricity supplier is different, the phone Taobao, beautiful and mogujie.com have their own PC client site, and can get through the Internet with the mobile terminal. Usually eleven pairs of orders will be the vast majority of users in advance through the computer or notebook landing PC side of the site, search, browse the site of different businesses in different commodity information, more than three, to find the right product >