Dangdang Li Guoqing has been rumored to have no substantive negotiations

was rumored to be acquired, not only when the privatization of the privatization of the privatization of the old." In February 10th, during the seventeenth session of the China Yabuli entrepreneurs forum, dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing in an interview with the financial Tencent, dangdang.com was repeatedly heard the acquisition rumors respond. He said that although he had received the intention of the acquisition of other companies, but did not enter any substantive negotiations process.

Li Guoqing and his wife Yu Yu in 1999 founded the dangdang.com online book sales, the business started, once the early electricity supplier and joyo.com, taobao.com racing together bridle to bridle the big three. In 2010, the head of "Chinese Dangdang Amazon" concept to the United States listed on the NYSE, September 2016, dangdang.com frequently blocked in privatization, officially announced the privatization of delivery is complete, delisting from the nyse.

As a member of the

takes stock return in the wave of privatization, dangdang.com regression, coincided with the Commission to strengthen the supervision of mergers and acquisitions, backdoor listing, after the old electricity supplier delisting of the capital market in the future is unknown, the acquisition rumors appeared.

Li Guoqing said in the interview, adding dangdang.com welcome strategic investors, "if Dangdang is good for strategic development, it gradually, first become a strategic investor, not a step to acquire." He believes that the current Dangdang electricity supplier in the camp on live traffic, still has a considerable number of months of live traffic, traffic in the high price of background, "there are a lot of companies hope to be able to enjoy Huisa Dangdang platform, has been (acquired) this rumor is very normal."

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