What is the double 11 shop get proof of genuine products of scouring the sea fish in troubled water

"double 11" is coming, who lives in Sichuan online shopping Master Xiaomei (a pseudonym) started early in the Internet bubble, prepared in the network Carnival once a year to buy some favorite products.

October 16th, the United States saw "South Korea LG whoo/ after the Gongcheng enjoy the charm of direct mail nourishing of 6 sets of products in the Tmall LG store overseas international health flagship store, the price a lot cheaper than usual. So, in accordance with this year’s double 11 rules to pay a deposit.

pay the deposit after the United States continue to browse on the site. She suddenly found that he had not noticed before, the store was established soon, the store scored only 13 hit, and the color is 5 points. There are certain online shopping experience she immediately began to worry about buying fake. The United States to customer service consulting, said want to look at the shop brand authorization, but the customer service to Tmall international are 100% authentic "on the grounds, did not show authorization to the United states.

according to the rules of online shopping this year "double 11", the United States has two approaches: one is to wait until November 11th the day after receipt of the goods to pay the balance, authenticity, but can not return; two is to choose a refund, but the seller that this is not the seller responsibility, the same is not refundable deposit. Obviously, these two solutions are not what she wants.

Tmall shop can not get the official website can not identify the authorized

in order to confirm whether the product is genuine, she sent to the official website of whoo Korea, about the process, I hope to know whether the Tmall international store has been authorized by the company.

October 28th, whoo company to the United States and the small mail mentioned in your letter of reply said: whoo cosmetics is operated by China domestic dealers themselves, so it is difficult to confirm whether the goods, they have no way to help the United states.

at the same time, the United States continue to contact and shop customer service, customer service further explained: "we are the official website of the outlets, baby are imported from headquarters and distribution." A direct mail service response in another compelling reason.

but this did not let the United States doubts. In her online shopping experience, she knows that some businesses will put the defective goods shipped to South Korea, then South Korea from direct mail to China, "direct mail" and can not be identified the authenticity of the goods. Most of her angry, the shop has no authorization or other valid proof, talk ambiguously on key issues. In other large Tmall stores, will be accompanied by a letter of authorization.

The United States also had

call the Tmall customer service, Tmall customer service reply said, "Tmall sales is 100% authentic, but also cannot provide any relevant evidence.

later, Xiaomei summed up the lessons. On the Tmall platform, the most questionable shop is a very short time to open a shop but the credibility is very high, things are very cheap, but also by the double 11 banner selling things. They tend to attract customers at low prices