The third party payment license countdown Alipay is facing new challenges

days ago, brilliance’s Lianhua Ok and Alipay after the expiry of the contract, the termination of the cooperation, and close related to the recharge function. The mall also has canceled the Alipay online payment function, the online payment only quick money, TenPay, remittance world and other online payment.

Ok and Jingdong Lianhua mall and Alipay cooperation end users are affected to varying degrees. The electronic commerce speculation, Lianhua and Jingdong mall plans to provide their own third party payment platform, avoid Alipay grasp the user information through the background, but also can reduce the cost of fees. The brilliance also plans to launch the "pay treasure", is the sole registered third party payment platform. Once the third party to pay the license to succeed, they will provide online banking, prepaid and other types of third party payment business.


According to iResearch

latest data released in the first quarter of this year, Alipay’s market share accounted for 49.56%, in the third party online payment toubajiaoyi. But in 2010 the industry’s new regulations, non financial institutions to pay service management approach and the introduction of the payment of the license is about to pay, so that the third party payment industry is facing a new shuffle. The central bank to pay the license will be officially released in the quarter, the issuance of licenses will encourage more payment services to participate in the main market operators." IResearch consulting analyst Cheng Shanbao believes that the increase in the main operator will gradually decline in market concentration. The third party payment market by businesses as the new gold, Alipay is facing a huge challenge.

is currently the third party payment license has entered the countdown, Alipay, caifutong and other 17 enterprises is expected to become the first to receive the license of the enterprise. With the payment of license issuance, there must be some operators to seize market share, symbolic, consumers can only choose to fight the enemy separately, designated third party payment transaction platform, which is bound to cause inconvenience to consumers. Only the face of the third party payment market is a huge piece of cake, and a few service providers can calm


sit and watch the clouds

with the rapid development of e-commerce, electronic payment ushered in a huge growth period, especially the maturity and expansion of the online shopping market, so that the third party payment platform crazy expansion. With the introduction of new regulations in the industry, the payment of licenses issued, the third party payment platform is about to usher in a new round of reshuffle, industry experts predict that more than half of the third party payment companies will be eliminated. The current domestic market to pay third of the big three are: Alipay, TenPay, quick money. Electronic payment is still a sunrise industry in China, the development of space and great potential.

2010, Alipay, TenPay respectively backed by Alibaba and Tencent comprehensive payment mode, occupy the first second positions in the third party payment market share, and focus on the industry to pay – payment, money etc. also in its involvement in industry gains.

2010, Alibaba group, said in the next 5 years >