The industry said the black Friday in China is too hot too low awareness

Legal Evening News (reporter Wang Lingling) each year on the fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day second known as "black Friday". Every year on this day, the United States will carry out the major businesses marked the beginning of the Christmas season black Friday promotion day.

this year, domestic consumers can also enjoy a large discount from apple, WAL-MART, Amazon and other U.S. brands. Reporters visited learned that the electricity supplier to the Amazon website also brought a black Friday for domestic consumers". However, the industry believes that it is difficult to cause domestic shopping enthusiasm.

phenomenon of domestic electricity supplier to join the black Friday

this week, Amazon China announced that Beijing time November 28th will launch overseas shopping festival. According to Amazon China policy, China consumers through Amazon overseas purchase plate and overseas consumers simultaneously enjoy the "black Friday" shopping preferences, nearly 800 thousand kinds of commodities overseas in more than 40 thousand to 70 percent off or 50 percent off in the form of promotion.

in addition, the electricity supplier giant Alibaba announced, adding "black Friday by Alipay issued a form of Red Sea amoy". This week, Alipay announced the December 1st in November 24th, invested 60 million Yuanhai Amoy cash envelopes, Chinese consumers through Tmall international, Taobao global purchase, a sea Amoy Amoy Ali’s sea Amoy platform access.

customer service, the price is not interrupted users Tucao synchronization

to participate in the black Friday discount, many netizens said no cold. The reason is mainly for the sea Amoy goods, although the website promised free to return, but because the international express itself, efficiency is not high, and if there is a problem but also for the international refund, the entire process for nearly two months.

in addition, there are a lot of electronic products have a "three package" service, but cross-border sales to China, service is difficult to continue, either a replacement or maintenance is not easy.

in addition, although the electricity supplier website promised to let consumers enjoy synchronous prices, but many commodities have a "barrier", a clear Chinese market in the sales range, such as the Amazon selling Lego blocks, Chinese would not enjoy the price. While cross-border access to the platform, although the price of goods is lower than the normal price, but the price is still expensive than overseas.

industry is difficult to understand beyond eleven

for this time the electricity supplier brands have been opened for domestic online shopping users black Friday discount, the industry believes it is difficult to hot. An industry source said, black Friday and eleven more separated from each other, coupled with its main scouring the sea for users, the discount is not strong. So after experiencing crazy eleven, the domestic consumer shopping enthusiasm is difficult to usher in a short time in the second climax.

addition, although the "black Friday" has been called the American version >