Sephora USA shielding Chinese buyers blow the sea Amoy


] Chinese billion state power network when still crazy on the Tmall double 11, live in the United States of New York Chinese Rise decided to Sephora (Sephora) to court.

news November 19th, as the first global luxury goods company LVMH group’s beauty chain stores Sephora USA, the day before but due to the shielding of Chinese American consumers, especially female consumers online ID, caused concern.

billion state power network in the United States to edit string notes in the Chinese gathered forum and micro-blog and other social media, because of unfair titles, the official website of the United States from Sephora to cancel the VIB membership, such as integral reset treatment, consumer complaints come in a throng.

, a New York Chinese consumers are ready to Sephora American company to court, the prosecution behavior is "racial discrimination", and demanded compensation. Billion state power network in the United States came to find the edit string as a result of the lawsuit and had withheld the names of consumers (the pseudonym: Rise, micro-blog account: Rise_Against_Sephora), and to understand the entire event sequence of events.

influx of Chinese official website entire paralyzed


the United States throughout the whole of the discount store Sephora rarely, usually at the end of year, internal staff discount VIB discount (family discount), the incident occurred at the end of the VIB membership discount promotions.

What is

VIB? Billion state power network has learned, Sephora membership is divided into three kinds:

1.Beauty Insider: ordinary members, any U. S. postal address of the user can be registered in their stores or online, no member purchase requirements, the corresponding minimum benefits;

2.VIB-Very Important Beauty Insider: is equivalent to VIP, a condition that each VIB every year at Sephora store or online consumption reached 350 US dollars. The concept is similar to the airline mileage accumulation, $1 per consumption with 1 points, points can be used to exchange products store, such as a well-known brand makeup set takes about 500 minutes, 1 points close to the exchange value of $0.1; points can not be accumulated up to second years.

3.VIB Rouge: is also higher than the members of the VIB, the amount of annual consumption of $1000, while the corresponding benefits.

things happen from November 6th to 10 promotional activities. This event is only for VIB members and above, promotion began a few weeks ago, VIB members through the postal system to obtain the real discount code two, one for their own consumption, a consumer can give their friends (friends do not need to be VIB users), each discount discount code is twenty percent off.