Gome, Suning Jingdong singled out of sorts

since the electric fire up, never quiet, or a prosperous society, battlefield; since the Jingdong erected, mall has become the fire of the fire, often in the media in the teeth of the storm, as the population vocal opposition. Jingdong mall is good or bad and not to discuss, more people will think that the Jingdong is a showstopper, because he is the debut of a price war galloping across the battlefield, but the market has really need such a dark horse to enliven people, this will enable the Jingdong to hate and love.

Liu Qiangdong is well aware of the essence of the hype, media and public opinion, especially the promotion of micro-blog is easy to use, the effect is to play the most incisive. As an opinion leader, his micro-blog always cause a lot of people like, in recent years, as the originator of the electricity supplier price war, the price war has been the tactics he used every time shouting sheben reach the acme of perfection, the price is still able to send troops into.

the price war is still the initiator of evil Jingdong, single handedly alone pick Gome and Suning both sides, make people excited, kind of a warrior to feel. Liu boss said: "we have three years of zero gross profit, with all the current electricity to ensure that Gome than Gome, Suning chain cheaper than 10%!". A remark, Suning adopted piecemeal, immediately said that if consumers in the suning.com found the same product price is higher than the top three other counterparts, will make the price adjustment.

Gome, Suning positive response, follow suit hype?

Jingdong provocation, the United States, the Soviet Union, Ningdu has a positive response. Say, in fact, Gome and Suning, so no need to panic, Suning and Gome is operating for many years under the line of electrical mall boss, they are sitting on the hundreds of millions of line property and extensive supply channels, is only the product display is the Jingdong to do, so it is easy to respond quickly suspicious, like a predetermined hype.

in the end who is operating at a loss?

media are bragging about what a bleeding, and whether it is "three years of zero gross profit", or "reserve price", which will have a limit, which is to sell the goods will a mall? And the Jingdong "three years of zero gross profit is only for large appliances, small appliances of what is happening consumers are not aware of. Even if the zero margin really, is also at most zero gross profit of goods sold, plus the storage and transportation costs, it is a foolish manager will calculate the bill.

is 1 yuan or $0? Or "Yuan"?

Liu Qiangdong played an analogy, if the United States sold 1 yuan, the Jingdong will sell 0 yuan, the same whether this means that the United States Jingdong will sell 100 yuan to sell 99 yuan? How are like in a play, but the role changed to three, the Jingdong play a leading role, Gome, Suning play a leading role, collocation good is a nice play, the final result is the three party club win.

what is the promotion


we all know that all the shopping malls will be a number of promotions on a regular basis interactive pen