UC excellent founder He Xiaopeng the smaller the faster the team

UC excellent founder He Xiaopeng

He Xiaopeng mobile Internet trends in the eyes of

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, the faster the company goes on and on, but the bigger the company is, the harder it is to do it. Many medium-sized companies, including UC, will face a big problem: it’s not going to happen.

oral | UC as the founder and President of He Xiaopeng finishing | Gu Junhua

I graduated in AsiaInfo, then unsuspectingly. The first is a computer science instructor, recommended 3 companies, in addition to the CICA, two other state-owned enterprises, like electronic commerce certification center. Instructors with a car students, want to go where the enterprise interview where to get off. The first car to AsiaInfo, 4 people get off. The teacher said, "you want to know." The results are two and return to the. AsiaInfo interview two people including me, not by another person. At that time, American CICA is foreign, the other two are state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises and I didn’t catch a cold, so I went to asia.

life is to jump off the moment, go to other places to go to the students also have entrepreneurship, but are not successful. Because some stayed in state-owned enterprises in recent years, the consumption of energy, nor what.

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in the CICA department. Just started in the Ministry of development, and later operation and maintenance, testing, customer service, pre-sales, after-sales have done. I joined the CICA listing in second years, when the boss gave me a piece of paper, said: "you will have Xiaopeng, a suite." At that time the price is 4000 yuan a square meter. AsiaInfo shares listed on the first day of 120 dollars a share listing price is $20, equivalent to a $100. I got 1500 shares, equivalent to $100 thousand. But this is just the beginning, after six months, the stock fell from $120 to $30. By the time I get cash, I’ll just make a few bucks. I always thought it would go up, who knew it was down from $30 to $4. Now this piece of paper is still in my hand. Later, when the UC design equity, I also take this piece of paper to find out how to learn.

founder left the company, the option should not be retained

Capable of

, UC is a very important culture. Just business, we do not consider what details (Yu Yongfu) came in, they set a rule: if we do 1000 people or more, that does not have the ability to do better, let more people come in. This is very recognized by everyone. If we do 10 thousand and even tens of thousands of people, would like to invite some very good people come in to help us, like Tencent Liu Chi equality, because the company forward is our purpose.

we have statistics, in January 2007, UC employees 19 people, by the end of 2008 there are more than and 200 people. In theory, the employees of the past two years after five or six years of growth, if good enough, it should grow to