How do sell bell on Taobao earn 1W

is very busy today. He has some experience. For the safety of my shop, I applied for an account. Oh, say some TV stations do not let the. I was in January this year officially quit Taobao, do you. The new start, and everyone’s situation is the same, something less than other people, but no one bought. I’ve been on the train, it’s more than and 300. Is very depressed, I think no matter who, encountered such a phenomenon will be depressed, money into it, no effect. Occasionally several transactions cannot earn advertising costs, but there are a few customers are saying, your goods that is cheap, you can know who is not fake ah (I swear, absolutely genuine, Xiao Wen eyes I spent 30 a box into 100 boxes. Absolutely true, there is a need to come here to get my goods, 35 to you. And you didn’t join in the insurance. If it’s true, who are we looking for?. Customers say so, I can not do without insurance.

voted 1000 to join the consumer protection, huh, huh, good relief, business is much better than before a lot of transactions every day, 3, single 2. But it’s too low to satisfy my needs. The analysis of the lack of my shop, I spent more than and 800 Pu decoration, decoration is very beautiful, very visual impact, I also do the train, let me master a friend to do this, there will not be a problem. Later I asked my friend, let him give me advice, he told me that you are going to brush drill (I despise him, he has 1 crown), I don’t want to say. But eventually the brush, because he and I said Taobao’s business credit, business reputation is good. I brush the brush two times is the brush, was black. The generation of QQ391311806 brush to brush his generation was malicious bad comment. Later used the brush platform, trouble, but also slow. Recently found a city of Suzhou brush drill, spent 500 to buy a set of software and technology, two weeks now brush to 3 drill, or a lot of business than before, the day most of the time there are more than and 20 Oh, I said these are certainly not let you brush drill, just put my bumpy road to you listen to that, we despise or disdain or. I do not care, after all, is the most real profit.

I wish you Business Flourishes, a lot of rich! Don’t despise me, than I do a lot of high level also sellers also brush drill! To despise them! I want a temporary account: my opinion I find the wholesale bell.