Tan Guanqiang e-commerce how to return to small and medium enterprises

small and medium-sized enterprises is an important part of promoting the development of national economy. In particular, it plays a more and more important role in ensuring the moderate growth of national economy, alleviating the pressure of employment, realizing the country through science and education, optimizing the economic structure and so on. At present, with the steady rise of China’s industrial economy, small and medium enterprises to play their own advantages, huge market potential. It is reported that the total number of SMEs in China has accounted for more than 99% of the total number of enterprises, the creation of the final product and service value equivalent to about 60% of gdp.

e-commerce is seen as the inevitable trend of the development of Chinese enterprises in the future, this trend is strong enough to appeal to all sectors of society. At present, along with the growing up of e-commerce enterprises more and more, the development of electronic commerce mode has certain Chinese characteristics also have as, such as B2B, B2C and C2C have been relatively mature, some of the emerging business model is also on the rise, such as B2M, B2S. Alibaba, HC, Dangdang, excellence, Jingdong, Taobao platform has become the field of e-commerce pioneer representative. In addition, in addition to Alibaba and other integrated platform, the emergence of a large number of B2B service providers, such as professional B2B business as the representative of a hundred responses to a single call search engine.

so, what exactly is the relationship between e-commerce and SMEs, why small and medium enterprises value e-commerce, e-commerce and how to guide SMEs to obtain development opportunities. This paper analyses in this essay on the basis of reference, combined with the current social demand and business conditions are reviewed, hoping to help SMEs to deepen the understanding of e-commerce, and how to make use of electronic commerce. Mainly from the following aspects:

a, e-commerce to do what

The most important contribution of

e-commerce is that it has realized the virtual, networking, personalization and integration of the commercial trade through the electronic means. Of course, the emergence of e-commerce can not be separated from the Internet, and even can be said that e-commerce is the product of the Internet era. By the impact of the Internet, the promotion of e-commerce to e-commerce can be applied to small family financial management, personal shopping, to business, international trade and other aspects are beginning to get involved in. However, more and more business transactions between enterprises, and enterprises are the main body of the market, compared to the transaction between people, inter enterprise transactions can better explain the trend of the market and the degree of economic prosperity. Therefore, e-commerce is actually born to serve the enterprise.

of course, this point to local conditions to understand, in the whole world, big companies and big enterprises are firstly to ensure market innovation and vitality, and provide more diversified development of the market is still small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises can have a place to live in in the world market, not only because of the number of many, but because of the society, there is always worth mining and innovation in the field, such as small goods >