C2B+ speculative group purchase more than O2O mode Buy or will usher in a turn

think in Chinese, group purchase has been ten years, early in 2000 the group purchase has been in Beijing, Shanghai and other places appeared, but the spot group purchase more, the real group purchase should be the beginning of between 2005 and 2006. After the explosive growth in 2009, group purchase has become a miracle in the history of gaming, the peak reached nearly 5000, more and more goods is placed on the "promotion" sign, there are more and more people began to use the cheap price for the goods is not "equivalent", for this group purchase once the electricity supplier is considered to be a miracle in the history of the people was given great expectations.

however, the "honeymoon period" always have, at present the whole, profitable domestic group purchase websites are few, mostly large group purchase websites, such as Juhuasuan (Juhuasuan, but Taobao rely on this tree, the success of the gold content to be fine), and those who were given hopes through financing sites have not too awesome, according to renren.com released 2011 third quarter earnings situation, the social network is still the main business revenue growth, 53 chain, however rice group performance is not ideal, the amount of loss increased from 3 million 700 thousand in the first quarter of 4 million 500 thousand.

group purchase in the author’s opinion is really a money losing industry, nothing on celebrity endorsements, think of their own money means that only few, is nothing more than the commodity Commission, advertising revenue, but in the station to join the "grim" China environment, it is feasible to burn, because everyone in the types of goods together the service provider, and the coverage area, who "forces" who is the king, this vicious spiral is definitely "multi lose". To this end, more owners chose the LBS+O2O mode change, I hope to rely on the combination of online and offline revitalize the buy market.

now look at this approach does solve some of the problems before the purchase of business. The first is to determine the number of people, before the group purchase can not provide valid proof of the actual number of people, so in the interests of the distribution of the number of merchants with friction, while the O2O model can determine the number of people according to their own "consumer tracking", this is no friction, secondly, the group purchase activities rarely involves the reality in the life of service, now O2O model based on local resources, integration and good use of the local resources, which for the previous shortcomings of long front group purchase is a good supplement. Therefore, O2O mode is more and more webmaster. However, this model is the ultimate choice?

More than one

network businessman, since the O2O model can provide real life services, group purchase goods supplement industry "category", then it will be more and more owners to join this industry. Before you think about why there are nearly 2500 group purchase site failures, this is the bad consequences of competition, big fish eat small fish, small fish eat small shrimp, this is the law of nature, the survival rules also apply to electronic athletics. So O2O model is not the king, at least I do.