Baidu has ah Feng Ming sought in the brand plan has reached 150

        December 1st news, according to Baidu has revealed that the quality of its business class tailored for the business of the wind plan is being sought after. Up to now, settled in the brand has reached 150, of which well-known brands accounted for more than 80%.

it is understood that the "Fengming plan" is Baidu has ah B2C, according to the independent agents, manufacturers and other businesses of the enterprise project, is committed to the integration of Baidu’s resources, from brand promotion, credit guarantee, marketing transactions realized a one-stop service for such businesses.

since its launch, the program has been sought after. It is understood that good music to buy, Le Amoy family, Cochran diamond, feel and other shops have been stationed in the "famous" channel, officially opened for business.

has ah said, there are still a large number of businesses have adopted "Fengming plan" of the audit, is the final preparations for the "decoration distribution, businesses are more to apply, but we will require a higher merchant, the audit is very strict."

it is understood that Baidu has ah has for the first merchant were extrapolated widely, through Baidu alliance, community and other resources, to create high-end businesses in the image at the same time, into a large number of potential consumer groups, to promote the actual sales promotion.

addition, customer service system will also help businesses ah to enhance its daily operation efficiency and service level, such as for some consumers under a single purchase payment is not formed, the customer service will help recover the lost, and analysis of the reasons for the merchant, given the solution.

"Baidu e-commerce business unit general manager Li Mingyuan said that the future Baidu will pour more resources to create a large number of high-quality products, have to provide professional service and good reputation businesses flagship," "Fengming plan" is an open platform, we welcome the strength of businesses and brands, to have ah with Baidu, to provide the perfect online shopping experience for hundreds of millions of users of Baidu."

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