Clever use of micro-blog e-commerce website promotion

behind every micro-blog user, is a living consumer. The micro-blog platform has become an important channel for many enterprises brand image and product sales. Micro-blog e-commerce marketing, not only improve product sales, but also enhance the interaction of word of mouth.


contact micro-blog also has a long time, but only recently in the micro-blog play seriously, with friends in the industry of communication and discussion, the number of fans to achieve ten thousand, the Internet spread over ten thousand fans to the equivalent of a small star, you can earn a bus fare through micro-blog, though micro-blog said only a short time, but I have found true by micro-blog to do e-commerce companies is still relatively small, most of the company may be currently in a wait state, the only bold go out of the most fire group purchase website, whether or micro-blog, are everywhere in the shadow of group purchase. It is not difficult to find that the current fierce competition in the e-commerce industry, who can take advantage of the fastest speed micro-blog marketing, who is king.

below to talk about e-commerce marketing era of micro-blog, we have to do what?

: the first micro-blog location, as enterprise or individual, can open micro-blog account, so everyone can do e-commerce sites, but the positioning will affect the success and failure of the final, if the location into public platform, so the competition is very weak, especially in the micro-blog platform, specificity in order to gain a firm foothold. For example, the micro-blog account is @ Four Seasons health consultants ", obviously, is mainly for the health care industry, specificity.

: and then determine the micro-blog account, the author suggested that the best in the name of the enterprise to build a blog, promotion and marketing to the enterprise brand, best to get micro-blog certification; certification is good, the formation of a good image is authoritative, micro-blog external information can be included in search engines, more easily spread.

finally: micro-blog full bloom, a business community or a small team, it is best to open the official micro-blog, business leaders micro-blog, customer service micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog.

then we face is a micro-blog, a micro-blog is a very hard thing, you need to continue to persevere, if you insist on doing the following points, then the first step into the micro-blog marketing is very easy.

, micro-blog’s content information content diversification, stronger overall visual effect, high quality, such as the best piece of information with pictures, video or music, micro-blog try to contain the content topic, for micro-blog search, release some preferential information.

two, every day to regularly update the information in the post peak period, was reproduced more opportunities, more involved in forwarding industry or celebrity micro-blog, to strengthen the interaction with the fans, many fans comment information or answer fans questions, provide prize forwarding activities.

three, set up a good label, set up a good topic, set the contents of key words.

four, pay attention to peers, attention >

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