Under the line electricity supplier Road multi-channel analysis

how to deal with traditional retail e-commerce tide, in addition to direct marketing channels. So today’s multi-channel analysis of the main line for the electricity supplier of the road.

a, purpose

The conventional

online channel is divided into two kinds of warehousing and warehousing, including: B2C, group purchase and credit card points mall, mall, brand discount, online distribution channels etc..

in the multi channel, we should first consider what is the purpose of the need to achieve. In order to do brand or sales? We want to achieve the purpose of different, the operation method is different, the final result is different.

1, sales for the purpose of

is the price advantage to win, there are activities to participate in, for clear inventory and channel experience is less suitable for businesses.

2, brand for the purpose of

have a good product, market planning, research on the core of the network user group, and to their own advantages to the needs of users of the core category. WAL-MART once the transition from the Department to the food, the transition from Amazon books to the department store, these examples of Retailers: strong supply chain is not the most important, but occupies the core category of user needs, so many channel layout is not.

two, multi-channel advantages and disadvantages analysis


1, is typical of Jingdong FBP, using its powerful advantage of sales of goods warehousing and distribution, but the cost of warehousing and distribution also follow the sales increase, this type of powerful brand for business cooperation.

, 2 typical input is Tmall, only to provide a platform and ecosystem services to businesses, business to solve the storage and distribution. Jingdong SOP so, this applies to the relative lack of comprehensive strength of business cooperation.

warehousing and distribution is an important part of the electricity supplier ecosystem, there is a saying that: the user experience in the ‘last mile’ to determine the future of the business, the electricity supplier platform, such as.

multi channel classification:

1, a channel: Tmall and Jingdong

only with Tmall and the Jingdong, Tmall accounted for online retail non-standard class (especially clothing) in the country, and the Jingdong will occupy the online retail standard (3C, home appliances) in the country, the Jingdong logistics system relying on the powerful win. So the future of the overlord who is not allowed to say, but it is certain that the two channels, businesses should be attached importance to and for the main development.

2, two channels: QQ electricity supplier, Amazon and suning.com

three has the potential advantages, with a strong QQ business flow and user support, now distribution pat, QQ mall, QQ online shopping, group purchase and ease of information QQ (self); Amazon is the global online retail overlord in China is also very robust, and is adjusted.

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