Discussion on how to enhance the trust degree of the sales website

There are a lot of profits products single page sales website

on the Internet now, the official website of the current profits more and more pessimistic, to know the day before as long as the sales of two products, it may be a month can earn thousands of dollars, but now a month does not sell a product, the situation is very bleak! And the single page website is also a lot of investment, don’t look at the site can not spend much money, but the news marketing, Baidu bid, do all kinds of advertising is not cheap! Many webmaster even before the money loss of all finished, then what is the reason, cause now a single page sales official website of the tragic fate of


if you want to say, nothing more than two points, one is the fierce competition, such as slimming products, slimming products, a new listing, there will be countless slimming products the official online line, the Internet is overwhelming about these slimming products advertising! This ad seems to allow consumers to buy more slimming products very convenient, but there are so many official website, so that consumers how to judge what is authentic, the only authorized? So simply do not buy

!Another point is that

saw the so-called profiteering products website, most website content quality is very poor, but slow to open, there is no relevant interaction, to the user’s trust is very poor, hundreds of thousands of dollars to the price, naturally it is difficult to let the user take the initiative to pay, because you have no excellent persuasiveness and credibility of

!In view of the current operation situation of

products sales profits single page website, as a webmaster may have no way to let other owners to participate, also is the competition you have no way to avoid, but you can optimize your web site, enhance the trust of their website, let your website can really become the only authorized official website, so to improve the website the sales help is very great! Here I come to discuss the trust’s official website how to promote the sales of single page


one: to create ultra-high operating speed, reduce the use of single page website image

I found the

, now the vast majority of single page sales official website page, there are pictures, because to do so, can greatly reduce the construction site of the time, as long as you PS good, of course, also some people think the picture production sales of a single page, will be more beautiful, but to do so the problem is great, because this will seriously affect the speed of opening the website, especially some owners in order to save money, space and bandwidth compression investment is serious, this once again highlights the speed bottleneck of the website operation, many sales single page website also often dropped, not open! These are serious constraints in the trust sales of single page website! So as far as possible the use of text, pictures to reduce usage, if used, should also pay attention to slice images that can enhance the website! Open speed!

two: establishing interactive mechanism and evaluation system

One of the most important things that

wants to improve the trust of the official website of the sales page is to increase the interaction and evaluation system, because by

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