Bubble CEO Li Xiang acquisition domain lixiang.com

January exclusive news, bubble net (pcpop.com) CEO Li Xiang has successfully acquired the top-level domain name in lixiang.com in December 2007. Currently, Li Xiang has this domain name to their personal blog.

after the investigation, the reporter learned that lixiang.com was the domestic senior investor Hao Peng in 2000 registered domain name. Subsequently, the reporter contacted Hao Peng. Lixiang.com, he says, is the "ideal", one of its more cherished domains. However, Hao Peng did not disclose the specific transfer price. According to the history of domain name investment industry investment case and current assessment of such common words Larry.Com, the reporter estimated the transfer price of around one hundred thousand yuan.

in addition, the reporter also learned that Li Xiang did not personally come forward to buy this domain name, but commissioned third parties offer, negotiation and transfer matters. Usually, in order to avoid exposing their identity and lead to the price of the domain name is raised, through the acquisition of third parties to become the industry’s more common domain name trading.

respect rice network tips:

complete.Com domain in recent years has been the first choice for many large websites, there have been ant net, tudou.com, fence net, the starting point of many other web sites will replace the domain name Quanpin domain name, the transaction price will continue to rise. Professionals have pointed out that the spelling.Com domain name with the wide application of the transaction price will rise day by day, the needs of enterprises should be prepared in advance.

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