The research on the present situation of the present B2C website

in the background of the current material life level increases, more and more people for personalized pursuit, the highlights of the human desire to see the difference of the birth of many new industries, individual customized gifts industry came into being.

because of the low cost of its operations and other characteristics, has become the forefront of the industry in the field of gift customization. In recent years, the provision of online personalized gift customization services B2C sites have been on the line, personalized gift customization industry quietly rising. These sites are different from the traditional gift shopping site, the gift will be customized to personalize the personalized gifts to meet customer demand for personalized, to provide customers with a unique gift of personality.

in these personal customized gifts website, most of them is to provide pictures Photocopying Service customized website, customers can through a simple DIY tool in such site, upload your own personality pictures customized T-shirts, mug, pillow, crystal, badge, personality puzzles and other daily necessities and personalized jewelry, such creative gifts gradually are young people accepted and sought after.

similar gifts customized website copy pictures in recent years, the growth in the number of many, so that to meet the needs of the present dilemma. After all, the concept of DIY in China has not yet reached the prevailing situation, many individual gifts customized website survival is even more difficult, technical content is not high, low threshold of industry, leading to homogenization of the increasingly fierce competition now. Therefore, how to open up the new field of personalized gift customization industry, continue to carry out product and business model innovation, enhance their competitiveness in the industry is the industry’s elite need to think hard.

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