From the agent to register the domain name to pay attention to things

      a lot of friends mentioned domain name registration. I am here to do a special theme, I know and meet the problem.
      1) domain name and space is separated, do not have to buy a place in the purchase of the domain name, domain name must choose the most reliable direct registrar. No matter how the environment changes /
      2) the domain name in the end how much money, the general agent is about 60. The 8 main agents abroad, I is the core agent, just before you purchase, are Chinese channel nets zhongxinwangzhongxinwang Internet business China resources in enom    ename 
    3) to buy a 10 or more domain names, suggest you open a proxy generally, about 1000-2000, opened directly in the registrar. Buy a 1-2, if the direct purchase, the cost is very large, this site can register for you. International domain name 60 yuan a year (com net ORG). Domestic domain name of $50 a year ( CN)

When the

qq 470666  bank account 

suggested transfer membership number password and password management in Chinese channel (you can register by password at any time transfer agent)


new network is registered by the domain management password can be freely transferred.


civilink registration is also very good. If you’re not ready to do after the first few years of multi agent, can renew, and then transfer to your usersPlease register



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