The network marketing of the B2M Quest what is B2M

online shopping market in the United States online shopping penetration rate rose from 22% in 2000 to September 2007 of the year, and then slightly lower rate of rise, showing that the online shopping market has been basically mature. The scale of development in China network market, to the end of 2008, online shopping users reached 80 million, a penetration rate of 25%, market transactions amounted to 128 billion 180 million yuan, the annual growth rate of 128.5%, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales exceeded 1%, become the important supplement of the traditional consumption path. Moreover, the credit system, logistics system, financial system and shopping habits of online shopping market has gradually improved, the development of the national economy, the accelerating pace of Internet users and the number of online shopping amount increased, the online shopping market has entered a period of rapid development.

Increasing number of

users and web sites to promote the rapid development of the scale of the Internet, network information superiority, high efficiency, global, comprehensive and rich and content, making the value of the Internet is particularly prominent. In the dissemination of information, in 2008 the number of commercial search visits from Q1 to 1 billion 119 million 170 thousand times the growth of Q4, the growth rate of 18.1%, showing that the network business information search is very active and the trend of development. Taking the marketing as the core, the establishment of B2M network business model, the excavation of the huge market value of the network, will be more conducive to promoting the overall development of enterprises.

B2M refers to Business to Marketing, a marketing oriented e-commerce business (e-commerce company or e-commerce is an important marketing channel for its companies). B2M e-commerce company marketing site according to the customer demand as the core to establish a variety of channels, and through online and offline promotion and specification of extensive management of shopping sites, making the site as an important marketing channel for enterprises. Compared to the simple model of electronic commerce with the site, B2M is focused on network marketing, attention is paid to the establishment of the enterprise network marketing channels, e-commerce platform for the network marketing and the establishment, through contact with the market, market, market development, and constantly expand the target market influence. In order to achieve sales growth, market share. Find new economic growth points through the network.

implementation of B2M model is to establish guidance customer demand as the core of the site is the premise of a variety of marketing channels through online or offline popularized on the site, and to guide the standardization of the management of marketing site, so as to realize e-commerce channels contribute to enterprise marketing tasks. Figure 1 shows the characteristics of B2M e-commerce enterprises.

1, B2M marketing website is one of the important marketing channels

B2M enterprise marketing website it is not a simple Internet window, is not simple to enterprise product publicity and service sites, it is to demand the customer as the core, the integration of products and services to customers, and.

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