Do five systems to help enterprises to open the electricity supplier of the road

enterprise if open the road of electronic commerce simple understanding of e-commerce is the enterprise to the enterprise, or enterprise to the individual through the network media, provide products, services, the process of reaching a cooperation agreement. Products, services do not introduce here. Network media as the theme of the specific process.

e-commerce process design to the network media: 1 telephone (fax) network media, the 2 products, services, corporate image network platform for the media, the logistics network of the media, the 4 online banking system. 5 after sales system


1, telephone (fax) network media: used for cooperation between the two sides to coordinate communication, the transfer of valid documents, of course, if necessary, can face to face communication. The telephone system needs to provide the product or the pre-sale, the post-sale service customer service. Specific understanding of the good, not much to say.


products and services, corporate image display platform: the main network media platform is currently showing enterprise products and services on the Internet is the site, the mode of the website (the key two, there are other more mode) includes enterprises websites (such as show business products and services, corporate image, dynamic general enterprise website) and two online ordering site, select the appropriate mode according to the website of different product features. Recommend the use of ordinary corporate website. Establish a good corporate website similar to the reality of a physical store. If you do not have a good website promotion, enhance the exposure of the corporate website, it is difficult to have business opportunities (potential customer inquiries).

so how to promote the enterprise website to increase the site’s exposure rate?

The main methods are

SEO and Baidu PPC promotion, SEO promotion potential customers to the related products and services for the keyword search related information, the enterprise website will be the first time show potential customers in the eyes, also is to enhance the website ranking natural display.

Baidu PPC promotion is the business cooperation with Baidu, from time to time to show business website in the top position, the enterprise exposure rate increase faster, but it costs the general business and Baidu cooperation can not afford. The SEO is the early stage of the technical needs of a period of time, to achieve the results, the display site, the user clicks is not charged. Baidu bidding is click on the site charges. The site has been successful in the e-commerce process to show the image of enterprises, products, services, the main network media.

information display platform provides another display of corporate image, products and services of the network media is the third party, such as the B2B platform (such as Alibaba), classified information (58 city), blogs, forums, and with SNS as the core of sina micro-blog, QQ group, happy net,, and email marketing SMS marketing etc.. Of course, not all marketing methods are applicable to all products, services. The most effective is the best. Through a variety of network marketing methods, the development of enterprise products in the Internet

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