Dangdang spoiler famous sale tail collection at vip.com

May 7th, dangdang.com officially launched the tail collection of famous sale channel officially launched products, 70 percent off cap, on the first day in the sale of brands including Lee, Levis, MO& Co., ZARA, Gloria, Adidas, Nike and other big shoes.

it is reported that Dangdang launched the end product exchange after more than a year of careful preparation. Li Guoqing believes that the domestic famous sale market is mature, the price of the baptism of time has come, the end product exchange 70 percent off cap will further lower the famous sale price.

not long ago, Li Guoqing had publicly said, if I was vip.com, I was willing to do a good job of clothing specials, China’s opportunity is still very large." Carter, dangdang.com launched with vip.com. The new sale channel sinks, provocative obviously.

I found

, dangdang.com tail collection and sale site, vip.com has many similarities, for example, are famous big poop sale, but the tail goods exchange price stalls are lower, 70 percent off cap, 10 every day on the new use of flash purchase mode, dangdang.com every 20 minutes without payment the order is automatically empty the shopping cart.

because of this, many people think that dangdang.com launched end collection of the vip.com war, its name homonym, also reflects the reconstruction of a "vip.com" brand sale ambitions in the platform.

in this regard, dangdang.com relevant responsible person said that the name "sinks" easy to understand the consumer, "big famous Potter together, preferential" of Italy, dangdang.com in brand sale price competition, to benefit consumers, but also conducive to the common digestive garment industry inventory.

vice president Deng Yifei also said that dangdang.com, consistent with the overall positioning of the department store dangdang.com, tail collection will also be located in the high-end, boutique poop sale route. Online retail is the high-end brand Like attracts like., taking particularly want to have a brand positioning and their matching store atmosphere, high-end brand among the neighbors, the customer shopping is not difficult. Three or four lines of non well-known brands, temporarily not in the end of the invitation of the product list.

The development of

and Dangdang tail collection of famous sale has certain advantages. Dangdang.com years of accumulation of "three customers" (high consumption, high income and high education), precision marketing based on consumer preferences, as well as high-end dangdang.com low-cost image, clothing positioning, are conducive to the collection of the tail market rapidly.

insider said, dangdang.com development sinks will be volatile cheap knife, June dangdang.com will enable at least 50 million yuan fee for publicity, Dangdang clothing category strategy and tail collection promotion and price war, the intention of eating the famous shoes market clearly.

however, analysts believe that the price to grab the market electricity supplier has been the trick, Li Guoqing has publicly said Dangdang clothing goal for this year is 4 billion 500 million yuan, in the high-end clothing category, among the second electricity supplier, which means the main famous sale sinks, in dangdang.com >

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