Data domain name virtual host management system product description

king of data domain name and virtual host management system is one of the important members of the data server software of the king, is also the first server management software based on technology. The software is by Shenyang Takimoto Quan Information Technology Co. Ltd. independent self-help development, our company is a based technology company, our team is not only a collection of art more domestic top.Net programmers and professional level of capital and strong technical strength, determined to make the best China server software suppliers.

Win2000/Win2003 runtime environment need to install the.Net


–   absolute advantage:

is completely based on the development of today’s mainstream.Net technology, faster and more stable and more scalable
first big class products adding agent can also be free to modify the product parameters of product sales
fully support online payment, super simple set of user-friendly, easy to buy more simple renewal
supports many domain name registration interface, real-time domain the registration, without artificial interference is professional and convenient
restart the server service function, without the remote connection server management server


unlimited independent agent platform, the first DIY product sales model

professional security

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