Taobao crown shop owner diverted raising alpacas daily moonlighting income on the yuan

Taobao crown shop owner diverted raising alpacas, a variety of grass"During the "

mobile Internet Conference caonima" platform

in May 17th, 18, May 23rd, Quzhou; 24, Huzhou; in June 1st, 2, Suzhou, this is the "white" during this period of time to travel every weekend there are arrangements. Do not think that white is a certain business owners or executives, in fact, it is an alpaca, gender male, two years old this year. In China folk, it has another name – – tough.


shop owner diverted raising alpaca

is Guanguo Xu Wenzhou guy Hangzhou mud horse cultural creativity limited company founder, before founding the company, he opened a clothing store in Taobao, store level have done "crown".

however, at the beginning of this year, Xu Guanguo put down the Taobao store business, raise alpacas. He said, because it is difficult to do now Taobao store business, but found great commercial operation Alpaca market, so under this determination.

in February this year, Xu Guanguo introduced two brown alpacas from Holland, the price of 80 thousand yuan each. By April, he was introduced from Australia three, two white and brown, "white" is the time to come in.

now, promised his five alpacas placed at a farm in Xiaoshan, despite the hiring of specialized feeders, but speaking of Alpaca breeding habits and experience, Xu Guanguo also closely reasoned and well argued.

he said, now mainly for forage and alpacas eat carrots, alfalfa and grass forage there is, in general, an alpaca every day to eat five pounds of forage, two carrots.

he said, alpaca and cattle, is a ruminant animal with four compartment of the stomach, ruminant animal digestion is divided into two stages: first chew swallow raw material in the stomach, after a period of time after the semi digested food chew ruminant again.

is so professional, because Xu Guanguo personally take care of more than two months of alpaca, now two keepers of his company’s feeding experience, but also his hands-on. "Because now Hangzhou local Alpaca rarely, there is no way to hire professional talent breeding, oneself can now sell."

real estate developers most love rent alpaca

Xu Guanguo Hangzhou – cultural creativity limited company is mainly engaged in commercial leasing business alpaca, although the company opened less than half a year, but his Alpaca who are busy".

take the red white, last weekend, it and other Alpaca buddy "Fifi" went to Huzhou to participate in local real estate; this weekend, it also go to Suzhou and Huzhou "go" to Suzhou to participate in a local department store business activities, the activities of the Huzhou is organized by a real estate company.

"some days will be relatively empty, but very busy weekend, because most of the passengers.

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