cut off the original beauty said 200 people nsiders dozens of people have been cut out




informed sources, said the former founder of the United States said the beautiful, executives have basically left the new company. Public opinion, the "mobility" storm or can help to solve human problems beautiful united group efficiency inside, but it is facing external competition remains unchanged.

this morning, net exposure in the Mid Autumn Festival to complete large-scale layoffs, the scale of around 200 people, involving the development, operation, manpower and other departments, layoffs much business lines to the beautiful world that amoy.

The reporter learned from the online

business a top person close to, recently happened layoffs, layoffs but did not reach 200 people in the legend of, "more or less for personal scale, is the main operation, logistics department, technology products are not cut."

said the person familiar with the matter, and beauty said after the merger, the original beauty of the new company to stay in the situation is not the same staff. On the one hand, June said that the core of the product technology to retain the comfort of the product, and the original beauty said the market, operations, sales staff are marginalized, the layoffs are also the main.

have speculated that the outside world is a major outbreak of merger syndrome. In fact, many Internet past mergers in which one party from the draw down period, such as the merger drops fast, Ctrip acquisitions where the same market, 58 mergers and acquisitions.

after the withdrawal of the phenomenon in the United States said there are also beautiful. According to the understanding of the electricity supplier online, the original beauty said co-founder Ma Nianci, Wang Xinmi in the merger occurred shortly after leaving, Du Guowei, Tian Xiaoci, Wang Xi executives have left, beautiful said the establishment of the new company department executives have all left after the merger. The insider believes that the reasons for these people to leave the company is not complicated, nothing to do with the personnel struggle, mainly inconsistent with the idea of June".

contacted to understand the situation, the other is that PR after hang up the phone, did not want to be more responsive. Beautiful said official said that rumors department personnel flow of each company make groundless accusations, are normal.

layoffs storm from, the United States said the merger is less than 9 months.

Xu Yirong HIGO has long independently developed

in January 11th this year, beautiful and officially announced the merger, was publicly said: after the merger, the two major brands of independent operation, the entire transaction to complete transactions completed, and beauty by 2: 1 of the price. The new company is dominated by CEO June, beautiful said CEO Xu Yirong will lead the core team focused on HIGO business. Can be seen from the public information at that time, the United States is said to be merged side, CEO June led the new company.

merger when both sides of the sound, said the beautiful CEO Xu Yirong led the core team to focus on HIGO business, and according to media reports,

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