Lv Changcheng China’s agricultural problems must be solved by E-commerce

and hearing the news 2011 APEC SME summit held in Chengdu from August 29, 2011 to 31, the summit to lock the theme of "growing strength", will probe into the current situation of small and medium-sized enterprises, how to seize the opportunity, adhere to innovation, rapid growth, development of industrial upgrading, the great achievements of small and medium-sized enterprises may. Shanghai Meisong Cosmetics Co. CEO Lv Changcheng at the summit said that he is willing to do e-commerce because of fancy patterns of the future, he believes that China agricultural problems must be solved in electronic commerce. The following is the text record:

Lv Changcheng: I think that entrepreneurs can have a history of three years of dream drive, just say Yao is very lonely, actually you will find that a business owner is very lonely, there is no way a lot of words and the following staff exchanges, have a lot of ideas with the people who speak not. It is precisely this kind of loneliness, can support is the dream, loneliness is the power of success, and the dream is to continue to provide the source of this dream.

host: most of the time with you only the dream?

Lv Changcheng: maybe only the moment you feel very happy, just like always talking about his user is very grateful to him, told some stories, we also feel deep, we decided to do the brand is a very small, because Taobao has a user to buy our stuff, he said I have been bought 10 times your home products, every time is very good, I give it to someone they feel is also very good, I hope you continue to do so, it is time for 09 years, this has touched me very much. I think it is difficult for me to find my love of things, why should a business? Because of the courage to say no to the reality, why not do better, why not be more simple, sometimes in the highway toll station when I say, why not put this card into the electronic card is artificial, because the local uneven distribution of benefits is cause traffic jams and waste a lot of time. I just Wang Xing, beginning to do the Internet, but the first company to make investment will not have the opportunity to do this thing, I am about 03 years I will focus on the Internet and electronic commerce, is very simple, you can find friends and customers in a timely manner through the network, this value is no limit. If you go back to their own business touched me the most, is the spirit of entrepreneurship and the dream of the combination of the actual situation of your conversion, it may be said that we do not necessarily understand. For example, I will take a lot of words to motivate yourself, motivate yourself but after a period of time, I will find the words do not own first listen so excited, and then began to listen to the following staff back, I asked the staff, I say you to me the deepest memory told me, this time I think this is real, and then come back is empty, it touched me so deep.

host: can your dreams be magnified because of the feedback from your clients?

Lv Changcheng: Yes, I like it because it gives me a lot of encouragement

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