Alipay cash trap storm national electronic payment law still needs to be improved

A few days ago the central bank began to

third party payment platform to be thoroughly investigated, the third party payment platform will swear on the central bank supervision and registration of welcome, this is the central bank official said that because of the third party payment companies included in the regulatory system, so it has important influence on the whole industry, will effectively promote the development of the industry.

but due to a great amount of online shopping by using its own trading platform, false shopping so as to achieve the purpose of cash, increase the risk of bank control, Alipay 23 evening was CCTV exposure.


using credit card cash, or through false transactions using a credit card payment through the account transfer to a debit card, then withdraw cash from the bank, the whole process of trade without true goods, also need not pay extra fees.

it is understood that the cash required to pay an additional fee and interest by credit card, and some people in order to save these fees and interest, then through the use of Alipay online shopping false way card cash and credit linked by alipay.

station network ( Wenyang aware of the acts of illegal cash is not a recent phenomenon in the third party payment platform has been very popular for several years, the bank and third party payment platform in the adjustment of policy, the illegal cash limit, but the effect is not obvious. The Central Bank of the third party payment increase control of the bank’s risk behavior platform virtually, also began to prepare for a big, rectify the financial institutions engaged in non payment and settlement business.

said: "in hindsight, Alipay will actively cooperate with the bank, increase supervision and crack down on such behavior, but also protect the bank and as a partner in the interests of the third party payment platform."

third party payment platform is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our consumers, which we should be sure. Although the amount of cash each are clearly defined, also belong to illegal cash for a small number of people, but in the online shopping, Alipay’s position just by us to guarantee illegal cash platform, consumers will have many scruples and speculation, who can really protect the interests of consumers


China’s economy is growing every day, a lot of new things all the time filled with our market. In order to manage these new elements, countries can only give management and governance in the law, otherwise they will become criminal loopholes, but the law of our country in many aspects is still in the state of lack, especially in terms of electronic payment.

Wen Yang believes that China’s current electronic payment has no clear legal provisions. Alipay is not the legal financial institutions approved by the people’s Bank, cannot be applied to the relevant financial institutions in the relevant legal laws, so in the absence of the third party payment platform, the enterprise should shoulder their responsibility at the same time, the state should also be in the legal aspects as soon as possible to improve and repair, launch >

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