Lefeng.com wading the field of luxury

sina science and technology news May 3rd afternoon news, Le bee network luxury Channel formally launched, the first line of the brand includes 103 brands, more than 5000 kinds of goods. It is understood that the online luxury channel is a model of the strategic cooperation between Le bee network and treasure nets.

it is understood that the first line of Le bee network 103 brands, including clothing, bags and other 64 categories, popular brands to reach the following more than and 20 include: LV, Gucci, Prada, Lancome, SWAROVSKI, etc.. Le bee network on the first line of luxury Channel involving 64 categories.

Lasafo luxury official said: "Lasafo in long-term operation of star Master economy, and long-term price to visitors are maintained at around 300 yuan, the crowd is a high consumption crowd, found that many consumers in the purchase of high-end cosmetics at the same time in 5 years, the rigid demand also have the luxury of beauty. Makeup can be very good to open luxury goods, provide the basis for consumers to achieve one-stop shopping."

so far, lefeng.com has 500 star Master, is expected to reach thousands of scale this year, including small P and Mei Lin in their respective industry experts, but also gave birth to Li Jing, Sheenah and other stars derived from the static type of its own brand, huan. 2012 Le bee network’s own brand sales exceeded 4 hundred million.

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