Suning smarter than Ali First self inspection platform accountability


] January 30th news billion state power network, Alibaba and Industrial and Commercial Bureau "tear force war intensified, the other side Su ningyun is pushing the" Blue Shield action ", launched five measures to increase the platform of self-examination and self-test, adhere to the quality of the bottom line.

noted billion state power network, Suning launched the Blue Shield action, made clear on the platform of Shouwenfuze system. Su Ning said that any problems arising from the first Su Ning is responsible, in accordance with state regulations to consumers to be paid in advance. Related to the problem of fakes, Suning will take the initiative to invite the national administrative departments and judicial intervention, the source of the responsibility of the manufacturer retrospective.

secondly, Suning will be settled in the platform for businesses in the qualification audit, product audit, product identification to increase supervision. It is reported that Suning will jointly purchase authentic online shopping insurance business platform for the user, and the establishment of 10 million yuan of funds available from product identification, Suning free identification service, through the audit can be identified cost verification.

addition, Su Ning said, the future will be to recruit civil supervisor, especially for the management category employ user related products professional knowledge, for Suning products sold daily checks to help Suning found problems with the product, perfect quality control procedures.

Commerce Department released data show that the rapid development of online shopping, retail sales grew 40% over the past 3 years, China has become the world’s largest online retail market. Since last year, investigate and deal with more than 11 thousand cases of illegal cases, off the shield site of the more than 3 thousand and 400, seized the entry and exit of infringing goods in batches of more than 9 thousand, about 200000.

published in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in January 23rd "the second half of 2014 network commodity transaction directional monitoring results" shows that from August 2014 to October, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Department Supervisor entrusted China consumer associations to carry out network commodity transaction oriented monitoring, completed a total of 92 batches of samples sampling, among them, 51 samples of, zhengpinlv 37.25%. Jingdong mall, Tmall, shop No. 1, the number of samples were 20, 7 and 10, genuine rate of 90%, respectively, and 80%. 3 samples of are authentic, a sample of 1 Zhongguancun electronic mall is a non genuine, authentic rate 0%.

and this investigation, has become the industry and Commerce Bureau and Alibaba battle between saliva fuse. According to the results of investigation of Taobao fakes, Taobao decided to fight back, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Secretary Liu Hongliang complained, saying that Liu Hongliang, in the process of the supervision procedure, law enforcement misconduct emotional behavior, an objective conclusion is obtained by using the wrong way, and for Taobao caused a very serious negative impact on China electronic business practitioners.

and the administration of industry and commerce is disclosed in 2014 "on administrative guidance work of the Alibaba’s white paper", pointed out that Ali network trading platform is not strict, the main access to the commodity information review ineffective, sales behavior management, credit evaluation. "

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