Analysis of the five characteristics of China’s electricity supplier development in 2012

experienced in 2011 the electricity supplier reshuffle, now China business seems to have come out of the haze, according to the latest data Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center shows that the first half of 2012, China’s online retail market size of 511 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 46.6%. Which Taobao, Jingdong still occupy the absolute leading position. Of course, hidden under the gorgeous data is the five characteristics of the development of China’s electricity supplier.

price war has become the first ace of the electricity supplier companies compete for the market

about the price war in the peak period, I think we may think that crazy discount may, from 1 to 20, the manufacturer discounts for nearly a month’s time, which is rare in the same period in the past, and major manufacturers rebate intensity is also give force. Gome’s 90 million Jingdong, rebate of 80 million, Tmall offers 2 hundred million, Suning directly said, will come up with 2 billion yuan and 400 million yuan on the amount of special offer goods. Electricity supplier price difference between the direct sale of the lowest price of the whole network. Until now, the price war is still the first trump card to grab the market share of the electricity supplier companies. The reason is not difficult to understand, the reason why the electricity supplier giant bloodletting to do promotions, its final purpose is to share the products behind the bargaining power, the same as Amazon, although the gross margin is very low, hovering just 15 percentage points, but truly grasp the market share, gross margin rose to 22 directly, and this is the electricity supplier giants really need to get something.

self logistics is no longer

Jingdong, where the customer’s signature dishes

after Jingdong, where customers and other self logistics mode is recognized by the industry, such as good music to buy a vertical electric providers have begun to self logistics, the logistic industry once the tide. Even the Chinese electricity supplier No.1 Taobao also sit still, in 2011 began to implement their own low-key logistics plan. In fact, the electricity supplier giants have chosen to self logistics, the key is in the large-scale promotion such as the two eleven, the twelve, many rely on third party logistics system of commercial enterprises have suffered warehouse explosion phenomenon, courier service quality is not stable in the large-scale sales behavior is the fundamental business tycoon worry. After all, now pay attention is a user experience, and to enhance the user experience involved in all aspects, one of which is generally concerned about the logistics, if the logistics giants suck, efforts will be greatly reduced. But in the present case, 2011 Jingdong, where customers wind up like self built logistics system has achieved initial success, package processing capacity in the logistics industry is expected to be an increase of 65%~70%, overload has become a time bomb, the industry’s most feared and at the same time, Jingdong, where the customer was able to increase the amount of 25% express delivery, third logistics volume of complaints and the Jingdong is 12 times of self built system. So in this case, the other self generated logistics, we can be seen as the electricity supplier in the existing platform to seek the development of derivative opportunities.

B2C enterprise is still actively looking for anything that can be called

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