Hao Hongfeng brewmaster network the 6 round of a total of 930 million yuan financing vip.com excitin

Abstract: as of now, brewmaster network has conducted 6 rounds of financing, the cumulative amount of 930 million yuan, investors including Sequoia Capital, East Fortune, Huaxing capital etc.. Hao Hongfeng said that the listing is the dream of every entrepreneur, but it can not see how this country is listed as well as the appropriate timing.

brewmaster network price is too low, the forced line also had to follow the continuous price." Shenzhou car driver Jiang Yang (a pseudonym) muttered. Jiang Yang had done Sake sales in a liquor dealer, because the two drinks industry downturn, and the impact to the brewmaster network as the representative of the liquor business rise, more and more business is not good to do, at the beginning of this year to become a car driver.

such as Jiang Yang forced transformation should not be a minority. Affected by national restrictions three consumption, the beverage industry, especially high-end liquor sales plummeted over the past two or three years. According to the 16 listed liquor companies 2014 annual report shows that 9 of the results have suffered different degrees of decline in losses, the net profit is down Luzhou Lao Jiao Fen, 60%.

"that’s good news for us." Brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng said with a smile. In his view, the national limit "Official business expenses", affected is more organizations, but more consumer oriented brewmaster network, the main products are 200 yuan of low-priced wine, but has maintained a growth trend. Although not yet listed, Hao Hongfeng told news interface said brewmaster network sales in 2014 has reached the scale of billions of dollars, accounting for about half of the entire liquor business sales. But he also stressed that the current sales of liquor electricity supplier channels accounted for less than 1% of the entire beverage industry channels.

brewmaster network headquarters is located in Yizhuang Beijing Economic Development Zone, Hao Hongfeng’s office for more than one hundred square meters, is divided into two bays, mahogany furniture, filled with some of the classic wine brewmaster online sales, from the layout, like the traditional corporate CEOs style. It’s no wonder that before Hao Hongfeng made the liquor online, has many years of experience in retail distribution line.

was born on 1977 in Hao Hongfeng, age is not large, he described himself as a "young old entrepreneur": from the beginning of 1998 has entered the wine industry for many years, wine wholesale distribution, founded in 2009, has since embarked on the Internet brewmaster network, liquor road.

brewmaster network liquor logic is actually very simple, traditional wine sales to the province, city and county levels and other wholesale layers should have at least 10 percent of profits, so the price has been high. Brewmaster network approach is getting goods directly from the winery, eliminating many intermediate links, so that it can be cheaper than traditional liquor channels 20% to 30%, to about 50% cheaper wine.

as of now, brewmaster network has been in Tianjin, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chengdu has 5 storage centers, the total storage area of nearly 200 thousand square meters, the future hope brewmaster network in each province has built a storage center. From >

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