South Korean cosmetics continued hot China’s exports surged 250%

with the development of Korean pop culture and tourism industry is growing rapidly, China consumers of Korean beauty and fashion products demand is increasing, which has become a huge threat to European brands.

according to the relevant data show that China’s exports of cosmetics in Korea last year surged 250%, which accounted for nearly 1/4 of China’s total imports of cosmetics. This leads to a decline in the market share of Chinese brands in china. According to 2014 data show that the European brand of skin care products market share fell 4.8%, color cosmetics was recorded a decrease of 3.8%.

addition, the Korean fashion brand has gradually become a major business in the Chinese market. Lane Crawford has been selling some of Crawford Korean men’s brand, such as Woo Young Mi, is expected soon to join the South Korean women’s brand.

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research institutions of New York digital marketing L2 latest research report shows that the South Korean star and television influence on Chinese market is increasing, this is one of the main causes of Korean rapid surge of skin care cosmetics brand.

since 2008, Laneige and the spokesperson and Korean star Song Hye Kyo has launched a variety of promotional activities. And recently, due to Song Hye Kyo starring in the descendants of the sun drama led a strong trend, so that Laneige brand lipstick sales recorded a significant increase. At the same time, Innisfree has become one of the most popular Korean Chinese market beauty brand. In 2015, launched by Lee Minho and Yoona Innisfree cooperation film "Summer Love" advertising widely successful, the Youku video browse amounted to 181 thousand on average.

New York digital marketing research firm L2 believes that European brands are also frequently used by South Korean stars to launch a variety of promotional activities, while the Korean brand in the field of technology also has some advantages.


New York digital marketing research institutions L2 statistics in 2015 Baidu platform is the largest search for ten brands list


New York digital marketing research institutions L2 statistics in 2015 Taobao platform is the most searched ten brands list

According to

report statistics, Innisfree become Baidu search platform is the most searched beauty brand, beyond most European and American brands, including Kiehls, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Sephora, Clinique and L’OREAL in Paris. Among them, the South Korean skin care brand snow show ranked eighth.

The promotion of

Innisfree success not only thanks to its viral celebrity advertising, and is committed to technology development. Brand value and brand Tmall platform independent website electricity supplier development, allowing users through micro-blog, QQ or Alipay board >

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