The feasibility analysis of network cooperation

"business", "cooperation", "team", is one of the most popular word now on the Internet, more and more people realize that we need to start, the need for cooperation to combat team, but there are many factors restricting the development of network business cooperation. Every song believes that the main factors are the following two aspects: 1, the 2, cooperative behavior problems of Chinese more than 1 billion 300 million, can have the fate to meet and know each other very few people, the old saying: "life is a bosom friend, now a lot of people trying to find products and for the project, there are a lot of people looking for a partner. For the project and find relatively simple compared to many, the project is dead, people are living, when we do not know each other’s ideas, it is difficult to get together, even if the cooperation is not necessarily long.

can get together to carry out cooperation, there must be a common ambition, the so-called like-minded, different is this meaning. Make money, can be used as one of the common aspirations, entrepreneurs do not make money as an important goal, how to start a business to enhance mutual cooperation to make money, this is the common idea. But money is also a stage, some people are eager to make money to feed themselves, some people want to have a long-term development, the early foundation, perhaps early is not profitable, but through a period of accumulation post income broke out, then there will be differences. With the differences, and did not resolve in a timely manner, it will result in the breakdown of cooperation.


problem and have confidence in yourself, trust in others, many of the partners is very confident of their own, but the partners don’t trust, always worry about partners wondering what to worry about, partners can not complete the task division, fearing partner has no true heart, and your cooperation and so on, if not to trust people, always think the world can trust people is their own, it can not carry out cooperation.

cooperative behavior problems many partners at the beginning of cooperation is not standardized, not a system that is for partners to constraint on some sensitive matters not expressly marked. It is often because of affection, verbally reached a preliminary consensus, then start to cooperate. Time has changed, no one can avoid, there is no guarantee that all things are in accordance with the development of their own ideas, it is difficult to have people can be consistent from beginning to end. If there is no cooperative behavior, when some problems appear dispute, not a standard evaluation, I said I was right, you say you are right, everyone on the one thing is not the point, and that he is right, others are wrong, it can not appear any problems


network cooperation as a trend in the future cooperation, there will be more and more widely used, where the following song to a simple analysis of network cooperation and cooperation entities: 1, cooperative operation ground project risk comparison entity relative cost is large, such as a company, need to register capital needs of the construction of office space etc. in general, start-up capital required 5->

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