Talk about the status quo of Taobao passenger tragedy

more and more people to do Wangzhuan Taobao, because Taobao does not need to launch passenger source, then can get a commission, but I was not optimistic about Taobao, Taobao will die off in my opinion. Today I would like to share with you my understanding of Taobao.

one. An important criterion for judging a website is PV. PV is this your site more popular, but Taobao guest website is a single page station, and when the user clicks on the product after the jump directly to the Taobao seller store, PV is 1, this website is not there for a long time, and in the same industry, only those with high PV value, high degree of experience website before long in the front row, so Taobao passenger income is not stable.

two. Baidu often puzzling K Taobao guest website. We all know that Taobao is a single page standing off to do a product, do the long tail word of this product with SEO way, specifically to optimize the long tail word is relatively easy to go up, this is also the essence of Taobao customers, but are often found in casual station is K, to have a long time to restore, to Amoy single page station, this site is useless.

three. Taobao customers will not have repeat customers. Online shopping people first will not believe Internet products, they are generally in the first purchase of a small amount of product, if the trial is good, second can buy in large quantities, such as the first 100 yuan to buy the product, he got used well, the second will buy a few thousand dollars. But this process is only the first time to enter the business shopping by Taobao customers, second and in subsequent purchases are purchased by the first record store, and business profits up to 30% on average, these profits can fall Amoy hand? Everyone as can be imagined.

four. For some big Taobao sales shop will do Tao guest promotion, like Korean homes, according to seven princess sales in Taobao is very large, so how could they do stand outside promotion performance.

well, share so much, if there is a different understanding, welcome to exchange, my blog

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