Taobao, Tmall no longer show record

why are you spending more and more time in Taobao? Think about it, it’s normal to lose – end words, dozens of pages of similar goods jumped out; goods more than three day, only to find a good look at various aspects; look at the product introduction, transaction records…… A few hours passed.

but from the beginning of January 27th, Taobao, Tmall decided not to tell you the specific transaction records of each commodity, only to retain the total sales data, as well as its sales ranking in the whole network. In this way, you can make a few minutes when a little bit firm, look good to buy.

for something of good quality, but just set up shop, or do small business businesses, this seems to be a good thing. But in the news at the Taobao forum, there are many businesses with said, only to give a total sales approach is not indulge in the brush single


simply, the brush is to use artificial or machine, to create a false transaction records. For the kind of shop sales orders on the impulse of consumers, this trick is particularly useful.

in the past, the industry is also through the analysis of transaction data to determine whether the business is a single brush method. Related screenshots, statistics is also an official decision to brush Taobao single, and an important basis for punishment. But Taobao said, closing the transaction records, in order to protect the privacy of businesses: if peers do not know the day you sell many things, naturally do not know to brush the number of single sales, to make their position closer to the top of the.

essence, this is a bit like doing the bidding of Baidu, in 2009 from the public to the highest bidder, to secure more comprehensive investigation of a change of weight.

is currently on the phone Taobao, this feature has been turned off. As for the matter of how much impact on your life in the end, can only be said: rational people will be more rational, impulsive people will be more impulsive.

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