Enterprise information technology needs to continue to optimize the two or three line brands need to

              the role of information technology in textile and garment enterprises increasingly prominent, the textile and garment version also reported "Fujian clothing through the meridians" leveraging information, the industry reception hall we will continue to invite Septwolves, Motom etc. information management system more perfect person in charge of the enterprise, and the senior people in the industry to share in the experience of garment enterprise informatization construction.

              current guest

SEPTWOLVES Information Center Director

Chen Zhiyong

Zhang Tielong Motom information management center director

Fu Cheng (China) Co., Ltd. chairman Lin Hongnan

Xiamen Sanlian software Limited by Share Ltd general manager Lin Shi

information to enhance corporate performance

Jinjiang economic news: can you use a word to summarize the impact of information technology on clothing enterprises?

Chen Zhiyong: let Septwolves informatization construction management performance has been improved, timely and accurate information sharing has laid the foundation for the management of the company. Laid the foundation for investment in the construction of the rapid development of information technology for subsequent Septwolves enterprise.

Zhang Tielong: the ultimate value and the role of the apparel enterprise informatization construction should be reflected in the establishment of information management and value-added business driven by new business model, customer value in order to achieve higher returns, such as inventory turnover rate, shorten the delivery cycle, improve the implementation of personalized service, customer satisfaction and customer retention improvement etc..

Lin Hongnan: the informationization of enterprises to go out, not only for the various functions of departments, more important is the need for service providers, distributors for the service, for the terminal retailer service, a fast supply chain system for enterprise brand marketing is self-evident.

two or three line brands need to accelerate

Jinjiang economic news: combined with the experience of your business, how do you think the garment enterprises should do a good job of information technology? What do you recommend to the two or three line garment enterprises in the information construction?

Chen Zhiyong: the construction of information is endless, each stage will have different needs. Clothing industry IT system involves a wide range, so the construction of information technology needs to look forward to the unified planning, phased implementation.

Zhang Tielong: I think the core of garment enterprises do informatization construction has two main aspects: first, to ensure that all the collected information from the relevant departments as a basis for planning business; secondly, now most of the enterprises have the information system, can get more data, the key is to give customers, dealers, the company to provide services to these data.


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