Excellent electricity supplier website goals should have three characteristics

had to say, want to do an electricity supplier website to achieve the ultimate, and the flow and conversion rate can be achieved in the shortest possible time, the webmaster must determine the principles and implementation of the site objectives. Of course, look at the entire Internet site is how many really do these, there may be few business sites, in addition to Taobao, Jingdong, pat, Eric, almost did not see how much electricity supplier website, there may be many but the effect is not very good or go to the bookstore Dangdang decline, remember before the fire, I also love to the above books, but later the Jingdong and on-line bookstores on price and speed are faster than Dangdang Dangdang and dozens of times, so Jingdong still compared to the lack of advantages.

"The Yangtze River

bring forth the new through the old, after the waves die on the beach", the ancient wisdom said very well, now the Internet has greatly small business website, a small, medium, large, the most common is the Taobao customer, although Taobao passenger survival rate is not a few stable, but there are still many webmaster to do. So, the first word is corresponding to the current situation of the electricity supplier website, many years earlier, the electricity supplier website to do, the most successful is the Taobao website, but with the continuous development of the Internet, many owners see the website made up, and they began to learn to do a successful business website. Now, look at how much the former survived, the number of live, may not have much, but can be found is a little, live electricity supplier website stationmaster to determine the principles for site goals, so good business website target should have the following four characteristics.

features: realistic

First of all,

is realistic. What is the user to your site to buy something is possible, don’t give the user more difficult to set some need to overcome the difficulties in order to reach the target site, if the site sales is worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of products, do not need to set your goals for the direct online sales, but set a goal to allow users to contact the enterprise or asking for further information, or to obtain quotations, product catalog and call directly to the customer service staff. In short, to keep in mind is not to allow users to buy such a large amount of online products, which is often not very realistic.

so, the first step is to do the reality, as long as the site of a reality only allows users to get a sense of trust, of course, now the electricity supplier website almost no such a big price, are generally large electricity supplier website to do so. Therefore, the site should be realistic.

features two: measurability

then, is measurable. I believe in all the students should know the network marketing is one of the biggest advantages of traditional marketing is the marketing effect can be accurately measured and analyzed, and the improvement of marketing tactics based on measurement on site and goal setting, if so, the webmaster want the user to do, should be to measure through some way. In fact, the measurement method is very simple is also a lot of webmasters do, such as online orders, or

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