Electricity supplier tax soon but the amount of undetermined small sellers will be affected by Taoba

Beijing daily news (reporter Lou Shao Lanjie) sources said yesterday, "business tax proposal the relevant departments have been adopted, the tax year for the business enterprise of a 5%, the news of a ripple. According to the Beijing Daily reporter, the electricity supplier taxation has been imminent, but the charge amount is still in the discussion. Not long ago, the U.S. electricity supplier tax bill has just passed.

sources said yesterday, this year’s "NPC and CPPCC", Suning chairman Zhang Jindong on taxing electricity supplier proposal has been adopted relevant ministries, the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments are implementing specific measures to research wildly beating gongs and drums of e-commerce taxation, tax year is expected to shop a 5%.

for this rumor, Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter interviewed the relevant government departments. According to Zhao Ping, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce, deputy director of the Ministry of consumer economic research revealed that as e-commerce Expert Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Commerce, she had received the views of the Ministry of Commerce on the electricity supplier tax collection. Comments related to "should" in the end how much tax "," tax ", what is the way" and other related issues. "Business tax is the tax and represent the general trend, but also to standard enterprise reference line." However, the rumors of the 5% tax rate, Zhao Ping said there is no determination.

in the country’s largest electricity supplier of the most concentrated in Beijing, Beijing E-Commerce Association and large B2C electricity supplier companies said that the current news and do not know.

but for the impact of the tax, large B2C electricity supplier and C2C electricity supplier is very different. Shop No. 1 has been standardized operation, the electricity supplier companies, electricity supplier tax is a good thing, indicating the country’s electricity supplier industry recognition and attention. We cannot predict the time point of taxing electricity supplier, but the national introduction of this policy will be conducive to the healthy development of industry norms, is conducive to the elimination of some non-standard business enterprises, and promote the sound development of the industry, so that consumers shopping has better security, also allow consumers more confidence in the industry." Shop 1, the relevant responsible person said.

Jingdong said that this means that the country will strengthen the supervision and regulation of electricity providers, Jingdong will be concerned about the progress of the matter, and will strictly abide by relevant state regulations.

Chinese Academy of tax research director Zhang Bin think, at present such as the Jingdong, suning.com mall, shop No. 1, Tmall business had been registered in the local Industrial and Commercial Bureau enterprises as legal persons, they have normal vat. And Taobao in those monthly turnover of less than 20 thousand yuan of small sellers without tax.

compared with large electricity providers, electricity supplier tax and the relationship between the flagship small seller Taobao greater. Data show that 94% of Taobao’s annual turnover of less than $240 thousand, mostly in the context of tax. And some of the better development of the business, online has begun to pay taxes. Taobao aspects of the view that the income tax on individual businesses forced to obtain not only small, but the high cost of Taxation, but also to combat the enthusiasm of the micro economy. >

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