TourEx localization and vertical online travel website unlimited prospects

according to statistics, in 2010 China’s online travel market transaction size of more than 100 billion, which is a lot of cake, and is still being rapidly expanding. According to iResearch forecasts, the size of the next four years Chinese online travel market growth will remain at 45%, to 2014, the size of the market is likely to exceed 450 billion, in fact, online tourism is increasingly becoming a major driving force of the development of the tourism market.

tourism e-commerce for tourism development provides a broad platform of the Internet, which contains a large number of tourist and tourism industry information, and has a powerful database, online query and online trading function, greatly stimulated the rapid development of tourism industry, has become the mainstream mode of the future development of tourism industry.

because of the online travel market, the huge cake, some giants have joined the industry, where Baidu investment, Tencent shares of elong in addition to Baidu and Tencent, Taobao has great achievements in this field. In May last year, Taobao launched a travel platform, the main ticket and other products, launched less than 3 months, the average daily volume of more than 10 thousand tickets, and at the end of last year hit a single day ticket volume of the highest record of similar sites of 26 thousand. A number of Internet giants to seize the online travel market war has quietly started.

online travel market is giant monopoly situation, but the opinion of the author, the giant capital ability to be strong, but not comprehensive, there are also some of their tentacles have extended to the place, such as the vertical and segments of the online travel market still has much to offer, worth a try. Compared to the local and vertical travel website portals, has the following advantages: 1, where do more professional, more comprehensive and meticulous, meet the needs of different customer groups; 2, enjoy more resources than large sites, more customer involvement; 3, the price advantage. Relatively large tourism portal, local travel website operating costs are low, the charges will be relatively cheap, more attractive to customers.

localization and vertical website profit point is very clear, the customers booking hotels, attractions, line direct profit, unlike other types of sites, completely rely on advertising to win profit, so no profit pressure, according to the website operation in other places to see the site tour, back at a rate above 50%, the user experience and satisfaction is very high. According to incomplete statistics, China’s local tourism sites and vertical travel sites reached more than 3 thousand, the annual profit of up to more than 1 thousand, compared with other industries, network, to achieve a better economic benefits of.

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tourex website official told reporters, according to some data show that there are two types of tourism websites are currently the most popular with users in some places like the online travel website is very welcomed by users, online orders is very impressive, such as the Guangzhou tourism network, Ningbo Tourism Network website, second is the online travel website vertical I love the farmhouse is to provide to farm tourism, green.

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