Business platform with the traditional enterprise would use the 51 buzz promotional war storm

has been sold with electricity supplier in the field, in the past two eleven – when the war had faded, the electricity supplier in the field of price war has long been silent finally with "51" (a week) and the advent of have the opportunity.

Jingdong would use the "51" fighting services and

to greet the advent of May, the Jingdong in April 15th had announced that it would join the traditional home appliance retailers 51 promotion war, will invest 500 million yuan promotional resources in April 21st -5 month 11 days during the opening of the promotional efforts of the strongest annual May Day promotion". Jingdong home appliances also announced the launch of the 30 days no reason to return "and" shopping page big upgrade two initiatives, home appliances online shopping for users to create a one-stop integrated service. We can see that the Jingdong not only in terms of price ready, but also achieve the highest standards in the customer service service, with the previous 7 days no reason to return, 15 days replacement "has improved a lot. Jingdong can be seen as the May Day promotion war to do both hands ready.

the United States through the "51" anniversary in advance to seize the market share of

4.18 is the United States online anniversary, according to media reports, recently, Haier, Samsung two brands (with brand promotion) in the country’s largest home appliance retail chain Gome launched a battle for the channel, during April 18th -20, the two sides in GOME stores nationwide open special PK, unprecedented investment. Because of the competition for Haier and Samsung PK two home appliance retail chain, Gome channels sought, Gome online by the anniversary in advance to seize the "51" market share.

51 has yet to come, the electricity supplier business has long been a good layout, you can see, will usher in a price war and after-sales service. Electronic business platform and traditional household electrical appliance enterprises will be staged staged a full battle. Although the Jingdong played 30 days no reason to return "slogan, can resist Gome Suning even such traditional enterprises? This nature is still unknown, but to wait quietly.

this year to participate in the promotion of war Jingdong and different

Why do you say this year to participate in the promotion of Jingdong

war and the past it is different we should all remember that Tencent stake in Jingdong. Although seemingly for Jingdong to participate in war without too much influence, but it is wrong to think that in the entrance, the Jingdong Tencent and WeChat Q two and WeChat Q entrance, a large user groups based on Jingdong, users will also be improved. Plus Jingdong in logistics has been done well, the customer service service also played soft war "30 days no reason to return, after customer service and high standards of service failure, the Jingdong has raised the stakes in the promotion war on.

wrote in the end:

May Day promotion war, whether it will only be reflected in the electricity supplier of home appliances, I believe there will be other areas of intense promotional activities. As to what the outcome will be, it will be necessary for 51

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