Share 7 points of experience into my understanding of Taobao customers

for Taobao off, perhaps everyone’s mood is not the same. Some experienced it prosperous era of the old webmaster will say, now what do not do guest, slow money often blocked, but for some novice, Amoy is obviously a time-saving thing. As long as the pre drainage work, then the follow-up sales service process simply do not have to worry about. But when it comes to this, many novice Amoy would say if you recognized guest, so why do I do not score? Sometimes promising project does not equate to the success of everyone, although I am recognized and their guest promotion is doing, but for this industry I still have a few suggestions to say especially for the novice friends.

Tao now business environment is not ideal, but this is not ideal for the previous "sober" state, before the guest promotion, single page, stations and even Q group can make money is wanton weapons can now do not, the user experience of the website is not only not to the conversion rate, even the introduction of the flow is a problem, therefore, the problem is how to adapt to the Amoy new requirements, do their own strength, but not after you really hard to make money.

guest operations to be more inclined to circle, although the guest can also according to the network traffic, but from the current social hot products, we should use WeChat and other new media. In the media, we can not only get the detailed flow, but also do some precipitation measures for these flows, such as push your clothing, you can make a dress collocation public number, every day to push information to the user, let them feel the value of your attention. Now the circle effect will become increasingly obvious, through the circle of artificial filtering, we can find more accurate promotion of users.

product selection should be careful. Sales of products can not follow the crowd, not to snipe. Now quite mature business platform, we do not need to buy daily necessities in the so-called third party guest, so in product selection, Amoy to reflect their own value, to highlight the different. Just like some friends will choose furniture accessories for the promotion of the same object, because these things in Taobao although a wide variety, but how to choose is a relative trouble. If you can make a certain selection of these products at this time, it will be easy to be recognized by the user. But for the selection of products we still want as much as possible to pick out the market selling ability, otherwise it is difficult to get early sales return.

promotion means to be more reasonable and widely. Now is a time to pay attention to the exchange of resources of the product, if you also think as before that the source of the flow of a port can be a product to do so, then the most hurt can only be their own. Whether it is micro-blog, WeChat or unfamiliar street, watercress, these social products have advantages and weaknesses, in accordance with the different types of products launched in different forms of promotion, is the most rational use of resources. It is like WeChat based on the relationship between the friends of the precipitation, and micro-blog on the letter

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