CBC financial e purchase transactions amounted to 15 billion 500 million will push B2B business pla

news September 12th, the day before, ICBC chairman Jiang Jianqing disclosed the financial e purchase management situation: as of now, financial e purchase of registered users has reached about 5500000 people, more than 1 thousand and 600 households contracted merchants, goods shelves of nearly 60 thousand, the cumulative turnover of 15 billion 500 million yuan, the average daily turnover exceeded 70 million yuan.

is reported that Jiang Jianqing made it clear that the financial e purchase this year’s turnover exceeded 30 billion is not a problem, and this figure has reached the level of electricity supplier turnover last year, the top ten.

we learned that from the beginning of 2012, the five major state-owned bank has pulled the banner into the electricity supplier, ICBC financial e purchase, CCB good financial business, bank pay Bo, the Agricultural Bank "E manager" and other on-line platforms have. Banks through self built electricity supplier to expand their customers and provide a variety of financial services path, has become a trend.

ICBC financial e purchase electronic business platform officially launched in January 12th this year, collection of digital home appliances, automotive, financial products, clothing shoes and hats, jewelry, gifts, food and beverage, transportation and tourism dozen major industries. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 150 million personal online banking users can log on with online banking user name and password directly into the financial e shopping mall.

it is understood that the integration of e shopping mall will also work together with online shopping easy loan products, orders higher than 600 yuan can apply online loan business. On the other hand, the purchase of the mall to support the integration of ICBC e users to pay cash orders now become an important consumer platform ICBC users.

melt e buy this year’s total turnover exceeded 30 billion yuan is certainly no problem. According to last year’s level of China’s electricity supplier platform, 30 billion of the transaction size has entered the ranks of the top 10 electricity providers. Soon, our B2B electronic business platform will also be launched to provide business customers with transactions, payments, financing and other financial services and data analysis." Jiang Jianqing said.

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